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Data Analytics | BS

Program Overview

Bachelor of Science in Data Science/Analytics (online and on ground)

The major in Data Science/Analytics (BSDS) is a four-year learning experience leading to a Bachelor of Science in Data Science/Analytics. This major is designed to prepare students with the information and skills needed to excel in the rapidly expanding field of data analytics and to enter the data analytics field upon graduation.

Through a combination of theoretical coursework and firsthand practical experience, students will develop proficiency in collecting, organizing, analyzing, and visualizing large datasets. They will learn various statistical and computational techniques to uncover patterns, trends, and insights that can drive data-informed decision-making in various industries and sectors.

The curriculum also emphasizes the ethical and legal considerations associated with data analytics, including privacy, security, and data governance. Students will learn to apply ethical principles and best practices in their data analytics projects and adhere to relevant legal and regulatory frameworks. Anna Maria College students will be encouraged and mentored to seek out internships to gain further practical experience.

The skills gained will be useful to help organizations effectively leverage data and make strategic decisions. This major has an interdisciplinary focus on principles from computer science, statistics, mathematics, as well as business to provide a comprehensive education in data analysis and the interpretation of data. Thus, this program offers students the opportunity to pursue a wide range of careers in business, education, finance, and healthcare.

Anna Maria College students currently enrolled in other existing majors such as sports management, business, health and human services, health administration, health science, criminal justice, and those within the liberal studies, social science, and psychology majors, might look to the minor in data analytics to enhance their competitive edge in the job market.

The coursework in a BS in Data Analytics program typically covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Statistics and Probability
  • Data Mining and Machine Learning
  • Database Management
  • Data Visualization
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Ethical and Legal Aspects

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Curriculum Highlights

Course Of Study

Career Opportunity


  • Operations Research Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • IT/Computer Programmer
  • Data collection/Data mining
  • Predictive analytics
  • Customer loyalty and selection programs
  • Marketing strategy development
  • Fraud detection
  • Applied statistics
  • Quality assurance
  • Supply chain management

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Collect, clean/process, and transform data
  • Analyze and interpret it in a way that is morally responsible
  • Apply the right models of analysis, evaluate the quality of the input, draw conclusions from the findings, and look into any potential problems.
  • Use the ideas of optimization, mathematical and statistical models, programming languages, and computing theory to properly create and use data analysis.
  • Create and apply relevant models for data analysis to find hidden solutions to problems in the corporate world.
  • Work well in a team – Effectively communicate data findings to any audience in written, oral, and graphic forms

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