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Welcome to the Anna Maria Family

We are so excited to welcome you to the 2023-2024 academic year at Anna Maria! Whether you are a new member of the Anna Maria community, a seasoned AMCAT family, or somewhere in between, we hope that you will stay connected with us throughout the year. As we work together to support your student’s college experience, we hope that you find the resources on this site helpful. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions, concerns, and suggestions. AMCAT families – we are here for you, too!

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Campus Resources


Contact Name: John Delaney
Phone: (508) 849-3403
Director of Student Academic Support Services
Contact Name: Dennis Vanasse
Phone: (508) 849-3372
Director of the Writing Center
Contact Name: Dana Sheehan
Phone: (508) 849-3606
Literacy Specialist
Contact Name: Nicole Brewer
Phone: (508) 849-3606

Health & Counseling Services

Office Manager
Conact Name: Betty Manzello (for appointments)
Phone: (508) 849-3315
Director of Counseling Services
Contact Name: Kelly Sullivan, MSW, LICSW
Phone: (508) 849-3315

Student Affairs Contacts

Vice President for Student Affairs
Contact Name: Jessica Eckstrom
Phone: (508) 849-3271
Coordinator for Student Affairs
Contact Name: Laurie Hickey
Phone: (508) 849-3388


Athletic Director
Contact Name: Joseph Brady
Phone: (508) 849-3447


Financial Aid
Phone: (508) 849-3366
Student Accounts
Phone: (508) 849-3425

Public Safety

Liaison to Paxton Police Department
Contac Name: Sergeant Forrest Thorpe
Campus emergency call*: (508) 494-9010

Dining Services

General Manager of Dining Services
Contact Name: Lindsay Kustigian
Phone: (508) 849-3535

Diversity & Inclusion

Chief Diversity Officer
Contact Name: Sherman Cowan
Phone: (508) 849-3396


Phone: (508) 849-3360

Residence Life

Director of Residence Life & Student Conduct
Contac Name: Drew Melendez
Phone: (508) 849-3305


Director of Library Services
Contac Name: Rebecca Pac
Phone: (508) 849-3473

Technology Support

Phone: (508) 849-3500

Student Activities

Director of Student Activities
Contac Name: Rebecca Lindley
Phone: (508) 849-3312

Not sure which office to call?

Please reach out to:
Phone: (508) 849-3388

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I increase my student’s meal plan?

Please contact Student Accounts to add to your student’s meal plan at 508-849-3286 or Once your payment has been processed, the additional meals will be available on your student’s ID. If your student needs a meal right away, they can ask the Dining Services greeter to manually add the meal to their account in the meantime.

My student is struggling (academically/socially etc.). How can we find support?

Our Student Academic Support Services team is ready to help. Whether your student needs help with writing, goal setting, time management, organization, or tutoring in a specific subject, we have a team of professionals and student tutors who are ready to set your student up for academic success. For any questions about what our Student Academic Support Services include please contact Kaitlin Hanlon the Student Success Coordinator at (508) 849-3358, or via email For social and other concerns, the RAs and RDs in your student’s residence hall are a great resource. If additional support is needed, students may contact the Counseling Center at 508-849-3315 to schedule an appointment. We are here to help! 

If my student is in crisis, whom can I call for immediate assistance?

Staff are available on campus in the Health & Counseling Center Monday – Friday, 8:30 4:30 p.m. and may be reached at 508-849-3315. Walk-in appointments are available for both physical and mental health needs. After hours, or if your student is in immediate danger, please call Campus Security at 508-494-9010.

I have a concern about my student’s housing. Whom should I call?

Please contact the Director of Residence Life, Drew Melendez, at 508-849-3305 or

I have been unable to reach my student by phone, and I’m worried. Can someone do a wellness check?

Please contact the Director of Residence Life, Drew Melendez, at 508-849-3305 or

Whom do I contact for billing questions?

Student Accounts can be reached at 508-849-3286 or Financial Aid can be reached at 508-849-3366 or

Survey/How do I get more involved?

Please complete our Parent/Family Survey to let us know how you’d like to be involved!

Where can I find graduation information?

Graduating students will receive graduation information by email in December, with details and updates in the spring. Families may visit our commencement website at or email us at

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Meet our Staff

Jessica Eckstrom

Vice President for Student Affairs, Deputy Title IX Coordinator
(508) 849-3271

Laurie Hickey

Coordinator of Student Affairs
Student Life
(508) 849-3388