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With your support, Anna Maria students are given the opportunity to be successful both on campus and in the world after graduation. Your contributions help us to continue offering scholarship aid to 99% of our students, compete in 13 NCAA Division III sport programs, host several art & performance showcases throughout the academic year, support our students who choose to go on mission trips, and continue our tradition of excellence.

We are especially thankful for your generosity, and can assure your contribution, regardless of size, will have a direct impact on the students’ lives. Contact the Office of Institutional Advancement to learn more about how you can help.

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Your Gift Makes A Difference

Every gift matters. No gift is too small because every gift is also a vote of confidence. Your support affirms your belief in the essential role an Anna Maria education plays in changing the world for the better.

Anna Maria Fund

The Anna Maria Fund is the cornerstone of the College’s fundraising efforts and is the primary way for alumni, parents, and friends to engage as donors. 

Why Give to the Anna Maria Fund?
Preparation to succeed and contribute in our fast-paced, connected, often confusing world requires education that provides more than narrow job training and efficient information transfer. The rapid pace of change requires intelligence that is creative, adaptive, and thrives on challenges. Your gift provides a steady, unrestricted flow of support to the programs, services, and facilities that have kept Anna Maria at the forefront of educating students who have the creativity and courage to challenge old ways of doing and working, and forge new paths and solutions. 

What Does Your Gift to the Anna Maria Fund Support?
By supporting students, faculty, and facilities – all the things that make Anna Maria an extraordinary laboratory for learning – your gifts turn possibilities into reality. Your gift supports:

  • Financial aid
  • Faculty
  • Centers and programs
  • Library resources
  • Exhibits, performances, and more
  • Facility renovations and upgrades

Why is participation so important?
Foundations, corporations and other donors scrutinize the percentage of alumni who give. It stands as a vote of confidence for the College from those who know it best.

Your gift makes a difference. Thank you for giving back!


As former athletes, coaches, parents and friends we are excited about the direction the Anna Maria athletics department is taking. President Retelle’s message that a healthy vibrant athletics department is a vital part of the educational experience of our students is something which we enthusiastically support. The College understands the financial commitment that is necessary to compete in the highly competitive world of Division III athletics. However there are needs and upgrades that a normal budgeting processes cannot provide. 

The AMCAT Club presents an opportunity to answer the call and make a difference in the experience of our student athletes through your financial support. Our primary goal is to ask our fellow alumni, parents and friends of the Athletics program to join us in supporting the designated team of your choice. The second is to create a social network to connect the club members to team events like alumni games, senior day games and many other special occasions for our teams. Now it’s your turn to ring the bell! Please join the club. Once registered you will receive sports information releases, notifications about special team events etc. For $50 you can support the team of your choice and stay up to date on all the events surrounding your team. 

Tim O’Brien, ‘96
Sharon Zenevitch, ‘84
Karen Robitaille, parent of Paul ’19 (Football)
Tom Angelo ’90, parent of Alex ’20 (Soccer)
Lynn Butler, ‘86
Shawn Conway, ‘85

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Leadership Giving

Leadership Society
The goal of the Leadership Society is to ensure that Anna Maria students are able to participate in a full range of intellectual, athletic, and artistic opportunities. From scholarships to research and from state-of-the-art equipment to facilities upgrades, Leadership donations enrich every student’s experience.

These gifts are a critical component of the Anna Maria Fund, and there’s a level to fit your situation. For alumni more than 10 years post graduation and other donors, for example, a Leadership gift begins at $1,000. A Leadership donation from more-recent alumni begins at $100.

If you’re considering an increase in your annual gift or will be a Leadership donor for the first time, please know how important your support is. Historically, Leadership donations comprise two-thirds of the Anna Maria Fund. Their value is incalculable.

Young Alumni Leaders
Graduates of the past ten years are eligible for membership in the Leadership Giving Society with a contribution of $100 multiplied by the number of years since their graduation ($100 in the year you graduate, $200 the following year, and so on). 

Contributing to the Anna Maria Fund is significant at any level, your donation, combined with hundreds of others is what sustains the school. This year, we hope you’ll consider a gift at one of the Leadership levels. 

Leadership Giving Levels

Legacy Society/Planned Giving

It Begins with YOU
The Anna Maria Legacy Society was established to honor those individuals who strengthen the future of the College through their estate plans. Anna Maria is delighted to recognize alumni, parents, and friends who want to provide opportunities for future generations by including Anna Maria in their will or by establishing a planned gift. These long-term arrangements are crucial to the growth and development of the College.

Your investment in the College’s mission and in the educational pursuits of its students strengthens every aspect of the Anna Maria experience. The academic offerings, professional focus, internships, and culture of faith and caring all enable students to pursue their passions and educate them to become individuals who will transform their world as ethical leaders and community-oriented professionals. Your visionary planning provides a legacy of leadership for Anna Maria’s future. 

Income Tax Brackets
Whether you’re a single filer or a married person who files jointly, separately or as head of household, your tax bracket will be new in 2018. The new law maintains seven tax brackets, but lowers rates for most brackets. The new brackets are: 10, 12, 22, 24, 32, 35 and 37 percent. Most taxpayers will see their tax rate decrease. A married couple with a combined income of $150,000, for example, will go from a 25 percent tax rate to 22 percent under the new law. You may now have an opportunity to give more to the charitable organizations you care about, such as Anna Maria College.

Higher Standard Deductions
The new law nearly doubles the standard deduction to $12,550 for single filers, $18,800 for heads of household and $25,100 for joint filers. You may be less likely to itemize on your taxes and use the income tax charitable deduction. You may now have an incentive to give more to Anna Maria College in one particular year over another to exceed the standard deduction and itemize your deductions.

Itemized Deductions
If you elect to itemize this year, your deductions may look a little different (though charitable deductions remain under the new law). Under the new plan, you will be able to deduct up to a total of $10,000 for state and local taxes. If you purchase a new home, there is now a cap on the mortgage interest deduction for the first $750,000 of debt on newly purchased homes.

Charitable Contributions for Cash Gifts
The new law increases the limitation of 50 percent of your adjusted gross income (AGI) for donations by cash, check or credit card up to 60 percent. Higher net worth donors may want to consider increasing cash gifts.

Types of Planned Gifts
The College’s future depends in great measure on the continuing generosity of our alumni and friends. There are many ways to craft a planned gift. 

A charitable bequest is the easiest way to provide a lasting gift. By making a provision in your will, you can perpetuate your support for the College while retaining the right to change your mind should circumstances change. Typical gifts are cash, appreciated securities, real estate, and personal property.

Benefits to you

  • Your estate receives a charitable-gift tax deduction at the time of the donation.
  • Assets remain in your name during your lifetime.

Charitable Gift Annuity
A gift annuity is an agreement between you and Anna Maria College whereby you make a gift of cash and we agree to make fixed annual payments to you for life. The payout rate is determined at the time of your gift and is based on your age. You can secure a fixed income while avoiding market risks, which donors over the age of 60 often prefer. There is a gift minimum of $10,000, which is usually funded with cash or appreciated securities.

Benefits to you

  • You receive fixed annuity payments for life.
  • There is an immediate income-tax charitable deduction.
  • There is a reduced capital-gains tax on appreciated assets.

Charitable Remainder Trust
You may establish a trust that pays you a fixed income for life or term years. With a minimum donation of $100,000, this type of gift is usually funded with cash, appreciated securities, or real estate.

Benefits to you

  • You receive a fixed income for life.
  • There is an immediate income-tax charitable deduction.
  • There may be a savings on estate taxes.
  • The trust is simple to administer.

Other Giving Possibilities

  • Establish an endowed scholarship fund.
  • Name Anna Maria as the beneficiary of your retirement plan.
  • If you have life insurance that is no longer essential to your financial planning, consider transferring ownership of the policy to Anna Maria College.
  • Donate tangible personal property that is related to the College’s mission and/or real estate, either outright or retaining the right to use the property for your lifetime.

Six Ways to Benefit from a Year-End Gift
The final months of the year are traditionally considered the season of giving. In addition to the gifts we give to the important people in our lives, this season of generosity is also the prime time to show support for the causes we love. When you support Anna Maria College this year, not only will others benefit, but so will you.  

Explore Your Options:
Although there may still be time to make several different types of charitable gifts, based on your unique situation and tax considerations, some gift types may be more practical than others. Following are a number of popular options:

Make an Immediate Impact
Cash is an easy way to give each year. You may receive an income tax charitable deduction for your gift (when you itemize). If you write a check for less than $250, a copy of the check will suffice as a record of the gift. You should obtain a receipt for gifts of $250 or more.

Save Taxes on Appreciated Stock
When you donate stocks to Anna Maria College that are worth more than what you originally paid for them, you may claim deductions for their full fair market value and eliminate any tax on the appreciation.

Avoid the Hassles and Costs associated with selling Real Estate
Like securities, if you try to sell appreciated property, you will be subject to capital gains tax on the appreciation. By donating the property to charity, you can enjoy tax savings and relieve yourself from the hassles of selling or maintaining it.

Earn Income from your Gift
Gifts such as a charitable remainder trust or a charitable gift annuity provide you, or a beneficiary of your choice, with payments for life or a period of years, and Anna Maria with support thereafter. If you use appreciated securities to fund the gift, you may be entitled to an income tax deduction based, in part, on the charitable portion of the securities’ full value, in addition to eliminating up- front capital gains tax.

Put an Insurance Policy to good use
An old policy you no longer need can make a big impact on our work. To qualify as a deductible gift, Anna Maria College must become the policy owner. For most types of insurance policies, your potential tax deduction is usually the cost basis or the fair market value of the policy— whichever is less. It is more common for policies to still require premiums to be paid. When you donate these, the future premiums are tax-deductible as you pay them.

Repurpose social Personal Items
Perhaps you have tangible items, such as artwork or other collectibles, that you would like to give to Anna Maria College to support our mission. Please contact us so that we can help you determine possible charitable deductions for your personal property gift.

Legacy Walkway

Order your brick today!

The walkway is expanding! We are actively preparing another installation. Members of the community can continue to have opportunities to purchase bricks every year.

Brick Options



You can personalize your bricks with 3 lines of text (4″ x 8″) or 6 lines of text (8″ x 8″). Please note, each line can have up to 20 characters- including space/punctuation. Your text will be centered on your brick- horizontally and vertically. You can also purchase a small 3.5″ x 3.5″ keepsake replica ($10 each) to display or give as a gift. The text on the keepsake replica will be the same as the brick you order.

The first installation has been completed! We actively preparing another installation in 2019. Members of the community will have opportunities to purchase bricks every year—allowing new members of the community to leave their mark as well! 

Please call the Office of Institutional Advancement at (508) 849-3341 or email

Parent Giving

When Sarah Bibbey ’16 was born, she suffered a stroke that left her with several learning disabilities and a physical handicap. School was challenging, and it was unclear if college was even possible—but Sarah and her family persisted. She was accepted to Anna Maria College, where she found a second home and support system, and she graduated with honors.

To commemorate Sarah’s accomplishments and to support other students who must overcome similar challenges, Sarah’s family has established the Bibbey Family Endowed Scholarship. The scholarship, says Lisa, is also a way for the Bibbey family to express their gratitude to the College. “We just want to thank the people at Anna Maria—they have been a part of our family.” Participating in the Anna Maria Fund—no matter the size of the gift—is the most important thing that a parent can do in support of the Anna Maria College.

Each year, parent giving to the Anna Maria Fund provides vital support to the school’s operating budget. Gifts address Anna Maria’s most pressing needs and the institution’s highest priorities. Please contact Institutional Advancement at (508) 849-3341 for more information.

Senior Gift Program

Senior Gift Program
The Senior Gift program was created to foster a culture of philanthropy among Anna Maria’s rising alumni. Contributions to the Senior Gift program demonstrate a belief in a Anna Maria education and support of its mission. It’s time for this year’s graduates to make their mark.

All Gifts, All Sizes, Matter! Legacy Walkway
The Class of 2018 spearheaded the effort to create a legacy walkway around the relocated gazebo in the center of campus and invite everyone to be part of this effort to leave your mark but also beautify the campus. Honor a loved one or ones by gifting them a brick.

Scholar’s Program

Now more than ever, scholarships are vital for students and their families. For many, dreams of graduating from college and embarking on a professional career are contingent on receipt of financial aid. The ability to provide need-based support is an essential institutional priority for Anna Maria, and our scholarship program enables us to attract students who will go on to make a difference in their communities and around the world. 

Your investment in the College’s mission and in the educational pursuits of our students strengthens every aspect of the Anna Maria experience. The College’s academic offerings, professional focus, internships, and culture of faith and caring help students pursue their passions and educate them to become individuals who will transform their world as ethical leaders and community-oriented professionals.

 Anna Maria was founded by the Sisters of Saint Anne to support those students who might not otherwise have the means to attend college; today, it is the generosity of our community that opens the door to an Anna Maria education and to a future filled with possibilities.

 Here’s How It Works

  • You contribute $1,000 or more.
  • You name the award for yourself or for a family member, a friend, or someone else who has made a difference to you.
  • We determine a student to receive your one-time scholarship in its entirety for the following academic year.
  • You receive an update on how important your gift has been and information about your student recipient.

You can make the difference!

Ways to Give

Giving Online
Our secure server makes supporting the Anna Maria Fund quick and easy. We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, or Discover. 

Giving By Mail
(send check, debit/credit card info, or EFT)

Institutional Advancement
Anna Maria College
50 Sunset Lane Box K
Paxton, MA 01612

Giving By Phone
Call us at (508) 849-3341 to learn more or give today! 

Gifts of Securities and Mutual Funds 

Unless otherwise stipulated, all gifts of securities and mutual funds are sold, making them available for immediate use by the College. The charitable deduction is determined by the fair market value on the date of the transfer of the asset to Anna Maria.

Electronic Transfer of stock

Please notify your stock broker to send shares to Congress Asset Management

DTC# 0226

Account Number 656132608

Contact is Clinton Lynch 617.428.7646

Federal Tax ID# 04-2002060

Dun & Bradstreet # 05-2928983

Please notify the Office of Institutional Advancement of your pending transaction by calling 508.849.3341, or send email to: with the following information:
• # of shares being transferred
• Name(s) of security(ies)
• Your broker’s name, brokerage firm, phone and fax numbers
• Broker’s DTC#
• Your mailing address for gift acknowledgment
• Purpose or designation of gift

The gift value is based on the average of the market high and low for the date Anna Maria receives the gift (not the date you advise your broker to make the transfer). Please be sure to let your broker know when you want the transfer to take place so that it can be accomplished in your desired time frame (e.g., by December 31) to take advantage of year-end tax savings.


Donor Advised Funds
To use your donor advised fund to make a gift to Anna Maria, you should communicate with your fund administrator to generate the gift and to understand any quarterly or end of year deadlines they may have. Several donor advised funds can be found here.


IRA Charitable Rollover Is Now Permanent
In December 2015, Congress passed H.R. 2029: Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act of 2015, which made permanent what is popularly known as the IRA charitable rollover.

Under this legislation, if you are 70 ½ and older you can use your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to make a gift directly to your favorite charitable institutions, including Anna Maria. By making this direct distribution to the College, you will exclude the amount of the gift from your gross income for federal tax purposes.

Here are the requirements and restrictions for making an IRA charitable rollover gift:

• The donor must be 70½ or older.
• The gift must be made directly from the IRA administrator to an eligible charitable organization.
• Gifts to all charities combined cannot exceed a total of $100,000 per taxpayer for the year.
• The gifts must be outright, and no material benefits can be received in return for the gifts. Thus a transfer for a gift annuity, charitable remainder trust, or pooled income fund is not permitted.
• Gifts cannot be made to a donor advised fund, supporting organization, or private foundation.
• The gift can be made only from an IRA. Gifts from 401(k), 403(b), and 457 plans are not permitted.
• The gift is not included in taxable income; therefore, no charitable deduction is allowed. The donor will, however, receive an appropriate gift acknowledgment for their records.

To make a gift:

• Contact your IRA administrator to request that a charitable distribution be transferred to Anna Maria College. You must specify whether the gift is to be made before the end of the calendar year.
• To ensure gifts are properly recognized and recorded, instruct your IRA administrator to indicate your name on the check and specify that the gift is an IRA charitable distribution.
• Instruct your IRA administrator to send your check, made payable to Trustees of Anna Maria College, to:

Anna Maria College
50 Sunset Ln Box K
Paxton, MA 01612

Anna Maria College ID: 04-2002060

Note: The IRA charitable rollover is federal law; state and local law may not provide the same benefits.

Volunteer Opportunities
Get Involved! There are many ways you can give your time to support Anna Maria. 

Matching Gifts
Hundreds of companies nationwide participate in the matching gift program. Your company, or your partner’s, may be one of them. The idea is simple. For every dollar you give to Anna Maria College, your company may give an additional dollar or more; in some cases, even two or three. To find out whether your gift to Anna Maria College can be matched, contact your company’s benefits or personnel office.

Payroll Deduction
Employees of Anna Maria College may give via payroll deduction by printing and sending the Payroll Deduction Form.

Meet Our Staff

Mike Burlas

Assistant Athletics Director for Athletics Development and Alumni Engagement
Athletics/Institutional Advancement
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Ed Connor, Jr

Director of Principle & Planned Giving
Institutional Advancement
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Peter Gardula

Director of Development
Institutional Advancement
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Ryan Murphy

‪Vice President of Advancement
Institutional Advancement
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Drew Paulhus

‪Coordinator, Advancement Marketing & Donor Engagement
Institutional Advancement
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Johanna Walsh

Associate Director of Foundations & Grants
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Director of Advancement Operations
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