We WELCOME Transfers!

Anna Maria College is located in the heart of Massachusetts – perhaps that’s why we LOVE transfers so much!

We pride ourselves on providing an extraordinarily welcoming environment for transfer students. 

Each semester, we enroll transfers from community colleges, and private and public two-year and four-year colleges and universities. With diverse educational, occupational and geographic backgrounds, transfer students form a large and valuable component of our undergraduate community. Further testament to our commitment to transfer admission and enrollment, Anna Maria College has once again been named to the Phi Theta Kappa 2023 Transfer Honor Roll.

Ready to apply? Transfer applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Admission to Spring 2024 is currently open – don’t delay, apply today!

Learn More About Transferring to Anna Maria College
How To Apply
Application Deadlines
Transfer Credit Policy
Transfer Admission Brochure
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Learn More About Transferring to Anna Maria College

Let’s Talk Transfer!

Are you considering transferring to Anna Maria College?
Are you curious about how your credits will transfer to a new program of study?

If so, then connect with a transfer admission counselor by scheduling a virtual one-on-one meeting. Scheduled in 30-minute blocks on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. (ET), please select a date and time from the Let’s Talk Transfer calendar that is linked below.

For further assistance, please contact Shanni Smith-Arsenault, Director of Transfer Admission at ssmitharsenault@annamaria.edu or by phone at (508) 849-3485. All messages left by phone or email will be answered within 24 hours. Evening appointments can be scheduled upon individual request.

Let’s Talk Transfer – Meeting Registration

Make sure to check out our Virtual Information session in the meantime!
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How to Apply for Admission

Please review this checklist carefully and be sure to satisfy all requirements to apply!

  • Application: Apply using the Anna Maria College Online Application.
  • $25 Application Fee: Fee waivers may be available.
  • College Transcript(s): Submit official transcripts from all colleges and universities you’ve attended regardless if courses were finished or credit received.
  • High School Transcript: Submit an official copy of your high school transcript with the date of graduation. Alternatives to the high school transcript include the GED, HiSET, or TASC certificate/score report test results.
    • For applicants with an associates degree or higher level of education, proof of high school graduation is only required on a case-by-case basis or based on program accreditation.
  • Nursing Applicants: Nursing applicants are required to have achieved a minimum prior college GPA of 3.00 with strong demonstrated academic work in math and science.
    • While standardized testing is optional for many programs at Anna Maria College, MBORN accreditation requires students to have a satisfactory score on SAT, ACT, or TEAS. Please refer to our Transfer Admission Policy here or contact Transfer Admission for more details.
  • Education Applicants: Standardized testing is optional for many programs at Anna Maria College, including Education; however, it is recommended that Education applicants submit SAT or ACT scores. Education applicants are required to have achieved a minimum prior college GPA of 2.75.
  • Prospective Art & Design Applicants: (Art Therapy, Digital and Social Media Design, Graphic Design, Studio Art, and Video and Photographic Arts). We encourage the submission of an Art/Design Portfolio as a valuable part of the admissions process. Your portfolio gives the College and the Department of Art & Design insights into your interests. Portfolio guidelines can be accessed here.

Transcripts and other documents can be uploaded to your admission portal, sent electronically to admissions@annamaria.edu, or mailed to:

Undergraduate Admission Office/Transfer Admission
Anna Maria College
50 Sunset Lane
Paxton, MA 01612

Once you apply to Anna Maria College, use the Admission Portal to check the status of your application. Contact us at 508-849-3360 with any questions.

Application Deadlines

Important Information

Transfer Credit Policy

Anna Maria College is a transfer friendly institution which means we make every effort to accept transfer credits from accredited college and universities in order to maximize your transferrable credit and time to degree completion. Subject to Anna Maria College program residency requirements.*

  • Up to 75 credits may be accepted in transfer for those students without a previously earned Bachelor’s degree.
  • Students pursuing a second Bachelor’s degree may transfer up to 90 credits.
  • Credit is generally granted for courses taken at other colleges or universities that correspond to or are comparable to those offered at Anna Maria College.
  • Courses taken at the remedial level, usually designated by a course number that is less than at the 100 level (e.g. 090 level) will not be accepted in transfer.
  • A grade of C- or better must be earned to be considered for transfer. For applicants with an earned associate’s degree, courses for which a passing grade has been earned will be accepted in transfer.
  • A minimum grade of C is required for courses considered the equivalent of and therefore satisfying the requirements for Freshman Composition (ENG 103) and Writing through Literature (ENG 104).
  • Certain majors may require higher grades in specific courses in order for them to be accepted in transfer to that specific major. Examples include: 
    • Social Work – a grade of C+ or higher is required for any Social Work course(s) taken elsewhere and must have been from another CSWE accredited college to be accepted in transfer.
    • Nursing – a grade of C+ or better is required for Introduction to Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology I and II, and Microbiology; a grade of C or better is required for Introduction to Psychology, Human Life Span Development, Introduction to Sociology, and Statistics. All science courses must have been taken within the past 7 years.

*A minimum of 45 credits is required to earn a Bachelor’s degree at Anna Maria College. Some programs may requite additional credits – refer to the College Catalog for additional details.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Program

Anna Maria College recognizes the rigor of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program. Students who complete IB Diploma Program ​may apply for Anna Maria College credit and may be eligible to receive up to 32 credits.  Official IB score reports should be sent directly from International Baccalaureate to the Anna Maria College Registrar’s Office. The College will evaluate and notify the student of accepted credit once scores are received.  Students who complete the IB Diploma Program are eligible to receive up to 30 credits at Anna Maria College, which is equivalent to one full year of study, or sophomore status. Please note that under this policy, qualified students still must satisfy all requirements of their declared program of study as stated in the Anna Maria College catalog.  In cases where accepted IB coursework does not meet the standards their declared program of study, the course(s) must be taken and passed with sufficient minimum grade or higher.

International Baccalaureate students who do not complete the Diploma Program are also eligible to receive credit for specific courses, which may be awarded for Higher Level or Standard Level courses with grades of 4, 5, 6, or 7. A maximum of 32 credits will be awarded.  Credit may be applied to a major or minor only on the favorable written recommendation of the appropriate program director. IB course credit may not duplicate other credit granted, for example AP, CLEP, or transfer credit. To receive college credit students should have their International Baccalaureate Diploma or International Baccalaureate Higher Level examination scores sent to the Office of the Registrar.

The following tables provide general guidelines for use in evaluating International Baccalaureate course transcripts.

IB General Credit Guidelines

IB Course Level Awarded Acceptable Score Range Number of Credits
Higher Level 4 3
Higher Level 5, 6, 7 6
Standard Level 5, 6, 7 3
Theory of Knowledge B, A 3

IB Course Equivalency Table

Subject Name SL Score 4 (only 3 credits given) HL Score 5-7 (6 credits)
Language & Literature
Language A: Literature ENG 104 ENG 104 + 3 credits
Language A: Language & Literature ENG 104 ENG 104 + 3 credits
Language Acquisition
Classical Languages Global Language 1 Global Language 1&2
Language B SPN/FRN/ITL 101 SPN/FRN/ITL 101 & 102
Individuals and Societies
Business Management BUS 260 BUS 260 + 3 credits
Economics ECO 200 ECO 200 + 3 credits
Geography HUM 216 HUM 216 + 3 credits
Global Politics PSC 201 PSC 201 + 3 credits
History HST 117 HST 117 and 118 +6
Information Technology in a Global Society BUS 316 BUS 316 + 3 credits
Philosophy PHL 110 PHL 230 + 3 credits
Psychology PSY 101 PSY 101 + 3 credits
Social & Cultural Anthropology Elective 6 credits elective
Biology BIO 103 BIO 103 and 104
Chemistry CHM 110 CHM 110 and 111
Computer Science MIS Elective 6 credits elective
Design Technology Elective 6 credits elective
Physics EC in Nat Science ec in nat sci + 3 credits
Sports, Exercise & Health Science BIO 240 BIO 240 + 3 credits
Further Mathematics QR or MTH 127 MTH 127 and 221
Mathematics MTH 221 MTH 221 and 222
Dance EC- Creativity & Imagination EC- Creativity & Imagination + 3 credits
Film MCO 210 MCO 210 + 3 credits
Music MUS 257 MUS 257 + 3 credits
Theatre EC- Creativity & Imagination EC- Creativity & Imagination + 3 credits
Visual arts EC- Creativity & Imagination EC- Creativity & Imagination + 3 credits


Advanced Placement AP College Board Testing

Students with the following Advanced Placement scores are eligible for transfer credit at Anna Maria College. The Registrar’s Office requires that official score assurance reports from the College Board. More information about requesting score reports is available on the College Board’s website. The table of credit that is awarded for each test can be found here.

Information for CLEP Exams

CLEP examinations are offered in over 34 subject areas and cover material generally taught in introductory college level courses. Students take CLEP examinations to bypass classes that they have prior knowledge of. CLEP credit varies at each Institution.  CLEP exams are computer based, and consist mainly of multiple choice questions. Scores are generated and printed at the completion of exams except for those with essays. CLEP credit is awarded.  For additional information on the classes and CLEP requirements please see the information at this link.  

CLEP exams are administered in a number of different locations. To locate a test center please see the information at this link.

Acceptance Reactivation for Transfers

Anna Maria College accepts transfer applications from students who have previously applied to Anna Maria College and were accepted. You may reactivate your application if you applied and were accepted within the last two years.

How do I reactivate my acceptance?
Please send an official note or email to the admission office stating that you would like to reactivate your application and specify which semester you would now like to begin.

You will then need to submit the following information:

  1. Official college transcripts from all colleges attended
  2. Official final high school transcript (including your final senior grades and date of   graduation) if you have not done so previously
  3. A personal statement explaining why you would like to transfer to Anna Maria College.

Your Acceptance Status will be pending the receipt of the above documents and the satisfactory completion of college coursework to this point. 

Test Optional Admission FAQs

What does it mean to be a “test-optional” institution?
The test-optional policy at Anna Maria College allows applicants the option to either submit or not submit their SAT or ACT scores for the purpose of the admission process. We believe students should present the fullest picture of their academic and intellectual accomplishments when applying for admission to Anna Maria College. If a student believes his/her standardized test scores will be valuable supporting information during the review process then the results might be submitted. Students who feel their high school record alone is a better indicator of their academic achievement and ability may choose to exclude their test scores from their application without penalty. Typically, about 60% of applicants still choose to submit their test scores to test-optional institutions.

Why choose to go test-optional?
For several years, Anna Maria College considered eliminating the submission of SAT or ACT scores as part of the admission application process. During this time, the College carefully monitored changes in testing policies in the marketplace as well as research related to the best predictors of student success. Research has confirmed that the combination of the strength of a student’s high school curriculum and grades are the strongest predictors of academic success in college. Our test-optional policy has reinforced the College’s commitment to understanding a student’s overall academic experience as demonstrated through the high school transcript, as opposed to performance on a single test or combination of tests. The test-optional policy encourages all students who have achieved success in high school to strongly consider Anna Maria College, regardless of their standardized test scores.

If I choose not to submit test scores, how is my candidacy for admission evaluated?
The evaluation of prospective students considers a range of factors that reflect an individual’s academic record. Carefully examined are the strength of the high school, the rigor of the curriculum, grades, teacher and counselor recommendations and extracurricular activities. Additionally, you have the opportunity to present your academic and personal achievements through written short answer and essay questions found in the application of through in admissions interview with a member of the admissions staff.

Does Anna Maria require anything in lieu of test scores?
There is no supplemental component in lieu of test scores. Your academic and co-curricular achievements are highlighted and examined during the application process. You are free to submit any additional information that reflects positively on your candidacy.

Am I eligible for scholarships without submitting standardized test scores?
Yes, all applicants are considered for all merit scholarships whether or not test scores are submitted.

How do I know whether or not to submit test scores?
The application process is designed for students to show our admissions staff why enrollment at Anna Maria College would make a great academic and personal fit. If you feel confident that your test scores accurately display your abilities and work ethic in the classroom, the scores could strengthen your application. However, if your test scores are not a good indicator of your academic achievement throughout high school, they are not required to be submitted.

How do I indicate whether or not I want my test scores to be considered for admission?
You can indicate your intentions on the Anna Maria College member page of the Common Application.

Meet Our Admission Team

Michael Capozzo

‪Director of Grad Admission & Community & Corporate Outreach
Graduate Admission
(508) 849-3482

Karen Hubert

Director of Admission Operations
Undergraduate & Graduate Admission
(508) 849-3555

Rachaya Lane

Assistant Director of Admissions
Undergraduate Admission
(508) 849-3798

Christine LaRocco

Admissions Specialist
Undergraduate Admission
(508) 849-3389

John McLaughlin Ed.D.

Vice President for Enrollment
(508) 849-3295

William Pekarski

Senior Assistant Director of Admission
Undergraduate Admission
(508) 849-3796

Shanni Smith-Arsenault

Director of Transfer Admissions & Dual Enrollment
Undergraduate Admission
(508) 849-3485