Tuition & Fees

2023-2024 Undergraduate
Tuition and Fees

Fall 2023

Spring 2024

Annual Total

Full-Time Undergraduate Tuition (12-17 credits)*




Comprehensive Fee




Student Government Fee**




Room and Board Fee (10 and 15 Meal Plan Rate)***








*Any credit over 17 credits is an additional $795 per credit
**There is an additional charge for Private Music Lessons of $865.00 per semester
***There is an additional charge for the 19 meal plan of $200 per semester
****There may also be an additional room charge between $375-$750 for single rooms

Optional Fees

(Must be waived by the student)

Health Insurance*


Dewar Tuition Insurance for Resident Student


Dewar Tuition Insurance for Commuter Student


*This is an annual fee for all full-time students, charged once per academic year

Additional Nursing Program Fees

(not covered by tuition)



Clinical Site Parking


CPR Certification


Clinical Accessories

(example- stethoscope, etc.)

NSNA annual membership



Nursing Fees 2023-2024 Schedule

Fall Semester

Spring Semester


(any new student including internal and external transfers)












2023-2024 Graduate, Continuing Education
& Online Learning Tuition and Fees

By Semester

On-ground Graduate Tuition (per credit hour)


Health Emergency Management (per credit hour)


Tuition for M.A. Integrated Media Arts (per credit)


Master in Social Work (forum fee - one-time fee)


Master in Social Work (per credit hour)


Online Undergraduate Tuition (per credit hour)


Online EMSA Program (per credit hour)


Online Graduate Tuition (per credit hour)


Paramedic Certificate Program


EMT Certificate Program


Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Degree Completion (per credit hour)


Pro-Rated Comprehensive Fee (Based on Credits)

Per 3 credit (per semester)


Per 1 credit


Additional Fees

Credential Fee


Late Payment Fee (monthly, per credit)


Audit Fee (per credit)


Late Registration Fee


Fire Academy Credits (per credit)


Police Academy Credits (per credit)


Specialized Training Credits (per credit)


Work Experiment Credits (per credit)


Part-Time Undergraduate Tuition

Per 3 credit course


Per 1 credit


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