Achieve Something Greater

The driving force behind everything that makes Anna Maria College’s identity unique is our deep, abiding belief that, through our actions, we can achieve Something Greater.

Something Greater conveys our belief in the intrinsic goodness and potential greatness of every person, and helps us come together as we’re motivated by the powerful impulse to serve others and discover new horizons of learning, growth, and achievement. By graduation, our students are prepared to be professionals ready to take bold action in the world and lead by serving.

Something Greater is a touchstone that captures and inspires how we teach and learn at Anna Maria.

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Our Guiding Principles
Meet Our Admission Team

Our Guiding Principles

Something Greater guides us as we:

Engage with others

Live with faith and moral character

Work together to create innovative solutions to even the toughest problems

Contribute to the goodness and beauty of our communities

Discern the greatness God intends for each of us

Meet Our Admission Team

Christopher Monteforte

Assistant Director of Admission
Admission and Enrollment
(508) 849-3364

Haley Deane

Coordinator of Visitor Services & Operations
Admission and Enrollment

John Hamel

Vice President for Enrollment
Undergraduate Admission
(508) 849-3306

Karen Hubert

Director of Admission Operations
Undergraduate & Graduate Admission
(508) 849-3555

Christine LaRocco

Admissions Specialist
Undergraduate Admission
(508) 849-3389

John McLaughlin

Dean of Undergraduate Admission
(508) 849-3295

William Pekarski

Assistant Director of Admission
Undergraduate Admission
(508) 849-3796

Shanni Smith-Arsenault

Director of Transfer Admissions & Dual Enrollment
Undergraduate Admission
(508) 849-3485