Study Abroad Payment Information

Although financial aid is not available for summer programs, we strongly encourage eligible students going abroad for fall and/or spring semesters to apply for financial aid. If you are currently receiving aid, you can often apply it to your study abroad program, as long as you maintain full-time academic status. Make sure your free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is up-to-date for the period when you wish to study abroad. If you are not currently receiving financial aid, you may apply for aid, including Stafford Subsidized/ Unsubsidized Loans, by completing the FAFSA for the same academic period when you plan to study abroad.

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Payments Support & Options

Payments Support & Options

Scholarships and Grants

Because Federal laws will not allow loan monies to be released more than about 10 days before the academic program begins, even if a student is studying abroad, in most cases federal financial aid will be disbursed after you have already left the U.S, Therefore, students may be required to pay some program fees up front PRIOR to allocation of financial aid (e.g., airfare, program deposit, housing, etc.) Students need to make arrangements to pay these bills in advance. We suggest that students who foresee problems covering these payments that are due prior to departure apply for a “direct-to-consumer” loan.

These types of loans are not processed through the school; rather, the proceeds are disbursed directly to the student. These loans are not disbursed in accordance with typical financial aid programs. The funds are made available to you much earlier, so that you are able to meet all program fee deadlines. Please note that if you choose to borrow this type of loan, it is YOUR responsibility to make payments on all your financial obligations (including your tuition at Anna Maria College), as all loan proceeds will be sent to you. If you are interested in a “direct-to-consumer” loan, the only product currently available is the Wells Fargo Education Connection Loan.

Study Abroad Fees

Students participating in a study abroad program will be charged a $250 administrative fee per academic semester to support Anna Maria College in providing services to students. This fee will be applied to the Anna Maria College student bill during regular billing cycles.

Making Payments

Students attending AMC Anna Maria College affiliates Study Abroad Programs would pay their abroad tuition through Anna Maria College. Deposits, orientation, program-sponsored trips and events, health insurance, travel, books and any personal expenses are considered as additional expenses and may be covered in your study abroad program fee. 

These fees are the responsibility of the student and they are expected to be taken care of by the student directly with the affiliated program of choice.

Upon acceptance into an affiliated study abroad program, the program will prepare a budget sheet for you to use as a financial planning resource for your time abroad. The budget sheet includes all fixed program costs and out-of-pocket expenditures in connection with your program.

Anna Maria College Bills

You must be registered at Anna Maria College and be cleared financially by the Bursar’s Office prior to your departure. In the event that you are not financially cleared by the designated date prior to departure, Anna Maria is required to initiate a process of withdrawing your name from the college.

Power of Attorney

If a study abroad student is a recipient of Financial Aid, it is recommended that he or she entrusts a family member or another individual with power of attorney for the period of time that you will be abroad. Power of attorney will enable someone else to sign reimbursement checks and certain forms on your behalf. Obtaining power of attorney involves consultation with an attorney, and you should verify with the study abroad coordinator and Financial Aid Office that someone else can execute the forms you require.