The Path to Law School

Program Overview

Law schools are primarily interested in students who possess strong analytical and communication skills. They prefer students who have a diverse educational background to those who have a narrow academic focus. To be considered for law school, careful planning as an undergraduate student helps as you consider this option. Individuals in this major are focused upon becoming professional lawyers, judges, prosecutors, corporate attorneys, in house-counsel and other law-related positions.

Specialized Advisors

Anna Maria College has an established pre-law advising committee who work with students to design their coursework and meet their academic interests. Experienced Anna Maria College faculty members work directly with students interested in the pre-law program. Additional faculty members, representing various majors, are also dedicated to help students as you pursue this path.

Pre-Law - The Basics

Law school professors insist that students do three things well: read, write, and think critically.

There is no “pre-law” curriculum equal to “pre-med” curriculum.

  • There is no “pre-law” major at Anna Maria College. Pre-law is an advising category or career-related program. Students who are interested in pre-law intend to enroll in law school for the study of law.
  • Law schools prefer you reserve your legal study for law school and prefer you engage in challenging and diverse courses.
  • As a pre-law student you will receive advice on how to be a competitive law school applicant (curricular and extra-curricular) and guidance on selecting law schools and the application process. You will also receive important law school information and invitations to events and workshops throughout the year.

Pre-Law Program Advantages

Anna Maria College students will have the opportunity to:

  • Take classes relating to law.
  • Select courses that prepare them for the LSATs and law school.
  • Experience individualized pre-law advising.
  • Attend speaker series and tour law schools with us at either the University of Massachusetts School of Law or Western New England University School of Law. Both schools are academic partners with Anna Maria, offering 3+3 programs with the college.
  • Attend speaker series at either the University of Massachusetts School of Law or Western New England University School of Law.
  • Host students and faculty at Anna Maria College events
  • Participate in Moot Court Competition
  • Attend LSAT preparation at Western New England University or the University of Massachusetts School of law.
  • Network with Western New England or the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth law students and faculty prior to attending law school.
  • Gain practical experience and participate in a variety of internships directly related to the law and legal professions.
  • Complete a bachelor and law degree in 6 years instead of 7.

3+3 Pre-Law Partnership Agreements with Two Outstanding Law School

University of Massachusetts School of Law – Dartmouth

Anna Maria College and the University of Massachusetts School of Law – Dartmouth  offer a 3+3 Program to students considering legal careers.  This program offers an outstanding affordable legal education for students considering the legal profession.

The program is a rigorous, accelerated degree program that allows selected applicants to complete both their undergraduate studies and law degree in six rather than seven years.  The program is open to academically qualified Anna Maria undergraduate students who are committed to pursuing a law degree at UMass Law.  Participants complete the first three years of their undergraduate studies and meet matriculation requirements specified below.  In their fourth year, participants matriculate at UMass Law as first-year law students, and they earn credit toward completion of the undergraduate degree by completing their first-year law courses.  In effect, students save one year of college tuition by substituting their first year of law school for their senior year of college.  The program is designed for students who enter Anna Maria with a strong interest in law already formed or who develop such an interest early on and whose career goals and interest in legal education can be well served by UMass Law.  Completion of the program will yield a baccalaureate degree from Anna Maria as well as a juris doctor from UMass Law.

Western New England School of Law

Anna Maria College offers all students the advantages of a strong liberal arts education as well as prepares students for a host of vocations. For example, students interested in a pre-law program have access to individualized guidance from practicing attorneys and help with the preparation required to apply to law school.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Law, Politics, and Society prepares students who are interested in a pre-law program and has an established a 3+3 partnership with Western New England University School of Law. With advisement, other academic majors may also participate in the 3+3 partnership. Students who successfully meet the requirements and complete the 3+3 partnership with Western New England University School of Law:

– Attend Anna Maria College for 3 years. Fulfill Anna Maria College general education and major requirements and are admitted to Western New England University School of Law in their fourth year at Anna Maria College.

– Successfully complete their first year at law school at Western New England University School of Law and receive their bachelor’s degree from Anna Maria College. Finish their bachelor’s and law degrees in 6 years instead of 7

Meet Our Faculty

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Criminal Justice
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