Student Federal Work Study

Follow the instructions below to complete the hiring process:

  1. Verify that you are eligible for Federal Work Study. This award is on your award letter for the year. If you are not sure, you may check with the Financial Aid Office.
  2. Review the list of positions on the side menu of this page.
  3. Apply for jobs with an available position listed by making an appointment with the supervisor
  4. When a job is secured, fill out the Online Application here.

 Bring the following required documents to the Payroll Office:

Once you have completed the necessary paperwork and have received training on the Paycom Payroll system, a payroll office representative will approve your work study contract.

NOTE: If you would like all or a portion of your FWST earnings to be credited directly to your student account balance, visit the Student Account Office to complete an authorization form.

If you have any questions along the way, please contact the Admission Office by email at or by phone at (508)849-3360 or (800) 344-4586.