Dual Enrollment Program

Want to experience Anna Maria College courses while still in high school? Are you seeking a challenging and rewarding opportunity to earn college credit?

You can earn FREE college credit through Dual Enrollment courses at Anna Maria College! Our Dual Enrollment program allows you to earn credit toward a high school/homeschool diploma and college degree simultaneously, saving you time and money toward your college degree. To be eligible, students should have a grade point average of 3.00 GPA on a 4.00 weighted or unweighted scale (80 on a 100 point scale).

Dual Enrollment offers student courses that will transfer to most two-year and four-year public and private institutions, while simultaneously completing secondary education graduation requirements. As you consider dual enrollment, please make sure to work with your high school counselor/administrator to make them aware of our classes so that they can assist you with appropriate academic advising and course scheduling during your Junior and Senior years.

Selected students are enrolled in a part-time course load depending on their program and course needs. Dual Enrollment students are considered non-degree seeking Anna Maria College students and as such will be awarded the same academic support privileges as other Anna Maria College students. All Dual Enrollment students are limited to two(2) courses per semester (Fall and Spring). Classes begin on August 28th for the Fall.

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Academic Information

Dual Enrollment Classes

Fall 2023

Fall 2023 Dual Enrollment Classes Begin August 28th!

All Dual Enrollment courses are held virtually on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7-8 p.m. or 7-9 p.m. In general, students should be prepared to spend 9-10 hours per week on each class; 2-3 hours will be through formal instruction and the remaining time will be through readings, essay assignments, and other external review before each class meets.

BUS 100 - Introduction to Business - Monday and Wednesday 7:00pm-9:00pm (EST)

BUS 100 – Introduction to Business (3 credits)  

This class will give students an overview of the foundational components that exist in today’s business world. Students will learn the basic elements of how business is transacted and how successful businesses function within a global economy. As well as learning foundational concepts within the business world, students will also study the latest in business practices and developments including: the economic crisis’s, green marketing, and social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) as used in business communication and marketing. Finally, the learning each student gains in this class will be demonstrated by the completion of a business plan that will integrate the concepts explored in this class. Coursework includes: Case Study Analysis and Team Projects. 

BUS 110 - Leadership - Monday and Wednesday 7:00pm-9:00pm (EST)

BUS 110 – Leadership (3 credits) 

A study of traditional leadership with emphasis on using critical thinking to develop ethical leadership skills, a number of methodologies will be utilized to develop insights into the relationship between faith, reason and leadership. This course will also include skill development and self-assessment exercises allowing the student to use leadership theories and concepts to improve their personal and professional lives. 

CRJ 101 - Foundations of Criminal Justice - Monday and Wednesday 7:00pm-9:00pm (EST)

CRJ 101 – Foundations in Criminal Justice (3 credits)  

The development of an integrated understanding of law, crime, and the organization and function of various components of the American justice system including: law enforcement, private law practice, judicial system, juvenile justice system, corrections system and human services system, including victim services. Students explore justice-related career options; examine the ethical and moral implications of working in the justice system; and explore how the justice professional can help to construct a more just and peaceful society. 

Cost of Dual Enrollment

Students enrolled in this program are considered non-degree seeking students but are eligible for two Dual Enrollment courses for FREE! If Dual Enrollment students apply to Anna Maria College as First-Year applicants, the application fee will be waived. Applicants will also receive a Dual Enrollment grant, subject to successful completion of all Dual Enrollment courses. For more information, please contact our Office of Undergraduate Admission.

Additional costs may include books, lab fees, and materials. If necessary, students are responsible for their own transportation. Costs associated with books, supplies, technology, and the ability to connect to remote classrooms are the student’s responsibility. Note: students are ineligible for financial aid while they are enrolled in high school. 

Application Process

Apply for Dual Enrollment

Apply for Dual Enrollment

Academic Information

Advising & Registration
Students admitted for Dual Enrollment will be registered for their classes upon admission. Registration confirmations will be sent from the Office of the Registrar.

Enrolled students will be assigned an Anna Maria ID number and an Anna Maria Email address. All communication about classes will occur through the Anna Maria email address.


  • If the student’s GPA falls below a 2.0 during any one semester, students will be ineligible to continue. Students who do not successfully complete all of their courses within a given semester may be subject to withdrawal from both current classes and future dual enrollment classes.
  • Enrollment status and course load for future semesters will be evaluated based on the student’s most recent Dual Enrollment semester.
  • Students must comply with all Anna Maria College Policies and Procedures as outlined in the Anna Maria Student Catalog.
  • Dual Enrollment students are allowed three (3) excused absences. Any additional absences will result in students being withdrawn from the class section.
  • Anna Maria College will provide an orientation for all incoming Dual Enrollment students, including tutorials covering the Engage Learning Management System online learning platform and other important information about participating in the program.
  • Students who require additional learning accommodations will be advised to speak with the staff from the Anna Maria College Student Success Center.
  • The Anna Maria College Dual Enrollment program is restricted to high school juniors and seniors or home-schooled students currently completing their high school requirements for their secondary school diploma.

Academic Credit & Transcripts
After successful completion of a semester, students will earn college credits which may be transferable to most two and four-year public and private institutions. In addition, students will receive credit from their high school to meet graduation requirements. Students are responsible for ensuring that Anna Maria college coursework will be acceptable for secondary school diploma completion through their high school counselor/administrator. All Dual Enrollment students are responsible for requesting their official Anna Maria College Transcript through the Anna Maria College Registrar’s Office by completing the Transcript Request Form at the end of the semester. Anna Maria College does not send official transcripts to student’s high schools or to other institutions unless the Transcript Request Form is completed. Unofficial copies of transcripts are available to students through their Anna Maria College student portal account.