Ahna Mento is a Plymouth resident who is a Psychology major and Forensic Psychology minor at Anna Maria College. Ahna also serves as President of the on-campus volunteer club, AMCAREs, which makes a difference in the community through the collective power of teamwork.

Why did you choose Anna Maria for your degree?

I chose Anna Maria for my degree because of the professor to student ratio. Psychology has always been my passion. I wanted to be able to actually have conversations with my classmates and professors to really get an understanding of the topics I cared about. At bigger schools, you don’t get those human interactions and one-on-one attention as much.

What do you love about your major?

Psychology gives me a sense of purpose. I get to help be the change in someone’s life. Helping someone create opportunities so they can be the best version of themselves.

What is your favorite Anna Maria College memory?

My favorite memory at Anna Maria was moving into my St. Anne’s dorm and becoming friends with some of the greatest humans I have ever met.

What are your plans for the future after graduation?

My plan after graduation is to take some time off of school and get some experience in the field of psychology. I am planning on finding a job at a residential program for people in active recovery. Then hopefully earning my master’s & PhD so I can become a forensic counselor.

What advice would you give to prospective students interested in Anna Maria College?

My advice to any future students would be to take freshman year just as seriously as you would your senior year. Be yourself and put yourself out there; you would be surprised at how many opportunities you will create for yourself.