By Sloane M. Perron, Manager of Marketing Communications   

Anna Maria College’s Communications major offers students an inside look at the strategies, tools, and techniques behind the world of Communications while preparing students for a competitive career. 

Anna Maria Associate Professor of Writing and Media, Travis Maruska, oversees the program as Director of Communications Programs. He believes that the skills that students learn in Communications classes are applicable to so many careers and life experiences. 

“The ability to communicate is something that we continually reinvent through technology and media. So, a great communicator from 100 years ago might be a terrible communicator today,” Maruska explained about the ever-changing world of Communications, “We don’t live, work, or survive without communicating. I think everyone should have the ability to communicate professionally at some level. Those interested in majoring in Communications become universally valuable, both in the private and nonprofit sectors.” 

For years, Anna Maria College offered an Introduction to Communications class. However, today students can major or minor in Communications or simply take the classes as general electives. In addition to being a major, Communications also offers students a special track for Public Relations. Other tracks will be added to the major in the future to help students further customize their learning goals.  

Public Speaking, Videography, Creative Writing, Business Writing, and Journalism are just a few of the fun and varied Communications classes students can sign up for this semester. The career possibilities are endless as Communications is the foundation for any successful business.  

“Everybody needs good communicators. Everybody needs someone who can lead a group of individuals, run an office, correspond with clients, and make connections with other businesses. Communications is everything,” Maruska said.  

Viet Q. Vu ‘25 is one of Anna Maria College’s first Communications major students. 

“What made me apply for this program is the fact that I want to do something on TV in the future. I want to be able to talk confidently and perform professionally in front of a camera and Communications is the best major to help me with that goal,” Vu said.  

Vu took a Public Speaking class last semester because he wanted to be comfortable speaking in front of large groups. Now that he is a Communications major, Vu is excited to take the introductory courses as he builds up his understanding of the field. He also appreciates the wide variety and future career choices that come with a Communications degree.  

Students in this field can be everything from Public Relations experts and journalists to videographers, press secretaries, public information officers, social media communicators, and marketers. Meanwhile, Vu is steadfast in his goal of being a host or presenter on live television. His goal is to learn the theory of Communications in class then gather real world experience through internships and apprenticeships.  

“The career I want in the future is obviously something on live TV, in front of a camera,” Vu said, “I just like to talk to people and do funny skits to entertain people, and I think being a talk show host would be the perfect career choice for that. Other options I want to explore would be hosting a game show, being a sports commentator for soccer, being a reporter for the news or a pundit for soccer, and other opportunities like that.” 

Vu is so excited about his new academic journey and would highly suggest it to his fellow classmates, especially those who are still undeclared in their majors.  

Whether in class, or one day on TV, Vu is determined to make his dream a reality and he is excited to continue his journey with Anna Maria College’s new Communication major.  

For more information about the Communications major click here.