Life in the First Year Lane is a series documenting the experiences of first-year students in Madonna Hall as they begin their college journey with Anna Maria College. From living away from home for the first time to joining clubs and sports teams and beginning their academic pursuits, the Class of 2027 has so many exciting milestones to look forward to! 

Chad Moore 

Major: Sports Management  

Hometown: Forked River, New Jersey  

Soccer has always been a part of Chad Moore’s life. Inspired by both his father and two uncles who played the sport, Chad has been playing soccer since he was a toddler. Now Chad is playing left fullback on Anna Maria’s soccer team.  

It was his love of the game that brought him to Anna Maria College after a soccer coach scouted him out at a tournament in Boston. After learning more about the college and its academics, Chad realized that Anna Maria College fit everything he was looking for in a higher education institution.  

“I thought it was the right fit for what I was looking for in a college: a small campus, small class sizes, teachers that were very helpful and could work with me one-on-one,” Chad explained, “There are great people here. I love the coach, my teammates are amazing, it’s just a very welcoming campus.” 

Anna Maria’s Sports Management major allows Chad to gain the skills he needs to achieve his career goals. Whether it is coaching a college team or being an agent for a professional team, Chad knows that sports will be part of his future.  

As a student-athlete living away from home for the first time, Chad is experiencing a lot of changes in a short amount of time.  

“I believe the biggest challenge for me would be time management as a student athlete. Because I really just had my parents helping me with everything. And now I have to get up by myself, I have to do my laundry, I have to do my homework on time,” Chad said, “So one thing I try to do is plan ahead. I look at our soccer schedule and practices and then I move my schoolwork around that. I typically get assignments done one or two days before I have any games and then I try to make time for me and my friends.” 

Chad has already developed a bunch of friendships through his soccer team and Sports Management classes. Together they are exploring the region, going to Worcester’s Polar Park for games, exploring Providence, and going to see the Red Sox and Celtics in Boston. 

Chad’s transition from high schooler to college student athlete was made smoother by the positive way the college staff and his own teammates have treated him.  

“It’s very welcoming here. It’s like entering a new family. And as you join the soccer team it’s like you’re a little brother and they are older brothers. I like that,” Chad said.