Life in the First Year Lane is a series documenting the experiences of first year students in Madonna Hall as they begin their college journeys with Anna Maria College. From living away from home for the first time to joining clubs and sports teams and beginning their academic pursuits, the Class of 2027 has so many exciting milestones to look forward to! 

Victory “Efe” Sampson  

Major: Health Science 

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria  

Victory comes from the colorful, vibrant city of Lagos which she lovingly calls “the party center” of Nigeria. While Victory adores her country’s culture, music, cuisine, and ability to turn every moment into a cause for celebration, it is Nigeria’s broken healthcare system that drove her to become a Health Science major at Anna Maria College.  

“In Nigeria, we don’t really have the best health care and my family has been victims multiple times of poor healthcare,” Victory explained, “Our healthcare system doesn’t benefit anyone. In most cases, it benefits richer people, but even the richer people are still at a disadvantage, because of the infrastructure. The medical education is not there to support the infrastructure. So that was my inspiration to come to Anna Maria College.” 

Victory first heard about Anna Maria College through a friend, then she followed up with in-depth research and even found a YouTube video outlining the college’s advantages.  

“My favorite thing about Anna Maria College is that the classroom sizes are small. This allows your professor to check up on everyone and they can discuss your progress with you. I find that type of learning very nice,” she said.  

Victory has witnessed first-hand the toll that a broken healthcare system has on its people, especially pregnant women and young children. Her sisters had to go through painful, high-risk pregnancies due to lack of available technology and accessibility and a family friend lost her twins after a hospital incubator did not have electricity. As a result, Victory wants to take her Anna Maria College Health Science education and go back to Nigeria to work in pediatrics or obstetrics.  

While Victory is focused on her noble goal, she is also taking time to enjoy the new culture around her and is especially looking forward to seeing and feeling snow for the first time! 

The culture shock from the busy city of Lagos to the calm and quiet campus of Paxton was quite intense at first, but now Victory is adjusting to life as a college student in America.  

“’I am a social person, so I try to be cordial and extend some form of greeting to my neighbors like ‘hi, how are you doing?’ I start with simple conversations trying to adjust because I’m an international student and Nigerian,” Victory explained, “I can see there’s progress in my interaction with people because now I have American friends and friendships with international students like myself. I even have a Nigerian roommate. Everyone is quite nice and helpful.” 

As Victory begins this new and exciting chapter in her life, she already has a few words of wisdom for other international students looking to study at Anna Maria College.  

“Firstly, do your research about the school, the area, and the international process in America. Do not be afraid to ask questions, the staff at Anna Maria College will help you. Secondly, be prepared for a rigorous workload and deadlines. And lastly but most importantly, bring yourself a sweater or coat because it gets cold!”