As National Student Transfer Week continues, Shanni Smith-Arsenault, Anna Maria College’s Director of Transfer Admission and Dual Enrollment shares her insights about maximizing credit transfer and creating individualized academic transfer plans for students interested in an Anna Maria College education.  

How does Anna Maria College make the transfer process easier for students? 

Transfer students considering Anna Maria College will be happy to know that the admission process here is not complicated. We strive to make the entire process easy and straightforward. To qualify as a transfer student, you must have taken at least one college-level course at an accredited institution after earning your secondary school requirements, such as a high school diploma or equivalent. Students complete the Anna Maria transfer application and submit official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended. The admission decision doesn’t take long.   

How many credits can students transfer over from another school? 

Anna Maria College offers a very transfer-friendly credit policy. In many cases, students can transfer up to 75 credits. The College accepts up to 90 credits for students seeking a second-baccalaureate degree. College-level courses earned at a regionally accredited institution will always be considered depending on grades. For applicants with an earned associate degree, courses for which a passing grade has been earned will be accepted in transfer. Some programs and general education courses may require specific grades earned, so check our Transfer Credit Policy on our Admission webpage or contact our Admission Office at (508) 849-3485 for more details.   

What do you enjoy about your role as Director of Transfer Admission and Dual Enrollment?   

I love working with transfer students! Each student has a different academic profile and reason for choosing Anna Maria College as their transfer destination; I love hearing their stories! I also thoroughly enjoy advising transfer students not only about the admission process but, equally as important, how a degree from Anna Maria will transform their lives. Transfer admission is often a conversation about credits, program requirements, student life, career placement, and financial literacy. It is my job to make transfer students feel comfortable about their decision to embark on a new journey and will do whatever I can to make the transition seamless.   

What questions do you hear most from prospective transfer students? 

What credits will transfer? What will my schedule look like for my first semester or the duration of the program? How do I apply for financial aid? These are very typical questions received by all transfer admission professionals. We often work with students who have attended college for a semester or more and have the experience of being a college student, so they are often poised to ask specific questions. Likewise, each institution is different, so while these questions may be the same, the answers may vary. I advise each transfer student based on their unique academic profile and assess how it aligns with the program they intend to enroll in. Another significant aspect of the Anna Maria College transfer process – our faculty involvement! They help guide me and students with specific academic questions. Furthermore, our team in Financial Aid provides more detailed guidance on financial literacy, which is an incredibly important factor for many transfer students.   

What advice would you give a student considering transferring to Anna Maria? 

Reach out with your questions and start a conversation with us.  I want transfer students to be advocates for themselves in many regards – do your research on us. I encourage students to review our website and take the time to learn more about our academic programs and our career outcomes. Furthermore, take the time to read about the mission of Anna Maria College and understand how we are a student-centered community that cares deeply about student success. Come for a campus visit to see AMC first-hand and, of course, contact me with any questions. You can email me at or call my office at (508) 849-3485.