AMC@Work is a blog series which focuses on the career journey of recent graduates. After achieving a degree from Anna Maria College, these students who learned career-ready skills were able to be competitive in the job market and make a difference in the world around them. Congratulations to our recent graduates like Nursing graduate Jess Clary ‘23 who found passion and purpose through their work.  

Why did you decide to study at Anna Maria College? 

I decided to study at Anna Maria College because of the excellent student-to-professor ratios for classes; I knew this way I would be able to create a relationship with faculty and advisors and be more than just a number. 

How would you describe your experience in the nursing program? What were some of your favorite moments as a student? 

My experience in Anna Maria’s nursing program showed me what true resilience and passion I had for nursing. The nursing program, like any nursing program, is tough and requires a lot of work and energy, though at Anna Maria College I was able to receive an immense amount of faculty support along the way. 

What were your favorite moments as a student? 

My favorite moments would be meeting new friends with the same passion as me and studying with them all the time. Another favorite moment would be in Professor Shavers’ class playing kahoot in preparation for an exam and getting to win prizes; certainly, kept the entire class competitive and engaged. One last memory would definitely have to be every one of Dr. Moore’s classes as she would make any lecture interesting with hysterical ways to remember content.  

Where do you work now and how did the lessons you learned at Anna Maria help you in your career? 

I currently work at UMass Memorial University Hospital on 6 East a med surg floor working night 12-hour shifts. Anna Maria prepared me for my professional career by paving the way for nursing skills and tasks a med surg would experience every day, such as the strange days that occur in the hospital, mental health awareness, delegating to staff, and basic nursing skills. My education is being further molded at UMass University. 

What job advice would you give to high school students considering Anna Maria for nursing? 

Don’t be afraid to get involved on campus to help build your confidence, independence, and time management skills. Also, being a PCA/CNA during the summer/semester breaks helps strengthen many skills that will become very useful once you become an RN. Time management and organization are crucial to success while going through nursing school, as well as mental health awareness because being in nursing school can be a lot. Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of easy access to faculty and support. 

How well did Anna Maria nursing prepare you for the RN exam?  

Anna Maria College prepared me for NCLEX very well, I felt like the exam was truly easier than some of the exams taken through nursing school. It is safe to say I was thoroughly prepared by utilizing the resources available to me and having the gradual introduction of case study questions during each exam in preparation for the next generation questions that were being introduced.