On December 2, Anna Maria College celebrated the academic accomplishments of students who received scholarships. Hosted by the Advancement department, the Scholarship Reception recognized over 70 scholarship recipients.  

The scholarships distributed were the result of generous donors who gave as alums, in trusts, or in memoriam of a loved one. Their altruism helps future generations of students receive an affordable education, which is vital to Anna Maria College’s population, who are often first-generation students.  

Congratulations to all our scholarship recipients and thank you to the donors whose generosity has made a tremendous impact on the success of our hard-working students! 

Richard Caparso Scholarship Recipients:   

Kiara Edmonds 2024 Forensic Criminology 

Quenly Kyei 2024 Nursing 

Rose Melendez 2024 Social Work 

Kaissa Wagnac 2024 Psychology 

Onajeh Warden 2024 Graphic Design 

The George F. and Sybil H. Fuller Foundation Scholarship Recipients:  

Stirling Nash 2027 Business Administration  

Jashandeep Pabla 2026 Business Administration  

Milner Pierreville 2024 Sport Managment 

Samantha Pusateri 2024 Sport Management 

Hawk Shawn 2023 Paramedic Science 

Stephanie Williams 2024 Nursing 

Rubelsi Moran 2024 Sport Managment 

The George I. Alden Trust Scholarship Recipients:  

Kyana Altif 2023 Sport Managment 

Kayla Berthiaume 2025 Self Designed Exercise Science 

Katherine Brodsky 2025 Forensic Criminology 

Brandon Della Paolera 2026 Psychology 

Shayla MacDonald 2024 Social Work 

Alicia Ross 2024 Nursing 

Alana Trotto 2023 Criminal Justice 

The Alumni Association Scholarship Recipients:  

Kyana Altif 2023 Sport Managment 

Tyler Bulinski 2024 Criminal Justice 

Victoria Leger 2024 Video and Photographic Arts 

Katherine Logee 2023 Elementary Education  

Jordan Turner 2024 Fire Science 

The Dorilla T. Brûlé Scholarship Recipients: 

Kyle Charbonneau 2027 Liberal Studies 

Christina Cobuzzi 2027 Liberal Studies 

Katherine Logee 2023 Elementary Education  

Yeselmary Lopez 2027 LIberal Studies 

Lauryn Meade 2027 Liberal Studies 

Quentin Sterling 2027 LIberal Studies 

Paige Stewart 2026 Liberal Studies 

Ariel Terra 2024 Early Childhood Education 

The A.M. McMorrow Scholarship Recipients:  

Ludny Celestin 2026 Health Science 

The Marcelle Quintal Arthur Memorial Scholarship Recipients:  

Matthew Bylsma 2025 Fire Science 

Saylor Costa 2023 Fire Science 

Guillaume Coulombe 2024 Sport Managment 

Charles Takesian 2025 Sport Managment 

The Sister Pauline Madore Scholarship Recipients:  

Christ Augustin 2026 Business Administration  

Kaylah Brace 2023 Art Therapy 

Shaylah MacDonald 2024 Social Work 

The Molly Bish Scholarship Recipients: 

Alisha Ditaranto 2024 Social Work 

Elizabeth Hubbard 2024 Nursing 

Cynthia Martinez 2024 Social Work 

Dianis Sanchez 2026 Social Work 

The Sister M. John of Carmel Scholarship Recipients: 

Alana Conti 2024 Social Work 

John Kelly 2024 Forensic Criminology  

Lindsey Smith 2024 Social Work 

Joseph and Jacqueline Sharry and Barbara Gallow Lyman Scholarship Recipients: 

Andy Antwi Boasiako 2026 Health Science 

The Catherine M. Murray Endowed Nursing Scholarship Recipients:  

Kayla Drew 2025 Nursing 

The Rena M. Richard ’55 Scholarship Recipients:  

Jenna Johnson 2025 Nursing 

Elizabeth A Tokarowski 2024 Nursing 

The Anna Maria Endowed Scholarship Recipients:  

Tanya Alerte 2025 Health Administration  

Kyana Altif 2023 Sport Managment 

Yaw Appiah-Kubi 2026 Forensic Criminology  

Ivy Ballou 2025 Liberal Studies 

Tamyiah Bankhead 2025 Business Administration  

Jamal Cariglia 2025 Sport Managment 

Ezekial Diaz 2025 Criminal Justice 

Joel Erickson 2024 Criminal Justice 

Namon Gamble 2025 Criminal Justice 

Jaylene Gomes 2025 Psychology  

Elizabeth Hubbard 2024 Nursing  

Dilsa Monteiro 2026 Law & Society 

Abriana Morgan 2024 Criminal Justice 

Kenya Mosquea 2025 Human Services 

Naomi Moura 2026 Health Science 

Sam Mucho 2024 Business Administration  

Janmary Plaza Sepulveda 2025 Social Work 

Sophie Scoffoni 2023 Digital Marketing  

Gabriel Tellez 2025 Fire Science 

Litzy Torres 2024 Nursing  

Kaissa Wagnac 2024 Psychology