Emily Field '14

B.A., Music Therapy

Anna Maria gave me all the preparation I could ask for.

Putting Experience To Work

While many musicians don’t succeed as therapists because they have a singular desire to perform and entertain a crowd, people like Emily Field are instead drawn to the profession by its healing power. Along with knowing exactly how to approach her work, Emily’s patience and sensitivity are key in her job working with the pediatric palliative care team at Notre Dame Healthcare in Worcester.

She helps kids who are suffering from “life-limiting illnesses,” from cancer to genetic diseases to severe physical challenges. Instead of visiting the patients in hospitals, she travels to their homes to see them, involving the family as much as possible. While others may view these situations as difficult or depressing, Emily finds her work with sick children gratifying.

“I wouldn’t trade music therapy for any job in the world. It lets me combine my two passions in life: music and helping people.”

Emily credits Anna Maria with not just giving her a well-rounded education, but with providing superb training in music therapy and hands-on experience from her internships. Every music therapy class was paired with a field placement, and she ended her four years by passing an exam to be board certified for working in any clinical setting.

“Anna Maria gave me all the preparation I could ask for.”