UPDATE – June 22, 2022 : Anna Maria College has extended the timetable so that the Class of 2025 can continue to complete their music degrees at the College. This means that the Classes of 2023, 2024 and 2025 are all eligible to graduate from Anna Maria College with music degrees.

On Friday, June 10, Anna Maria College informed the 21 students in its three music majors (Music, Music Education, and Music Therapy) of our intention to discontinue these programs at the end of the 2023-24 Academic Year. The announcement comes after a lengthy examination of music’s future viability as an academic major with recent years of declining music enrollment. The College is committed to helping all of its music students with their path forward. Of the 21 students, 15 are juniors and seniors who can continue their existing path at Anna Maria College toward a music degree. Faculty will work individually with all music students, including the six sophomores, to support their academic plans.

Efforts over the years to support and strengthen the music programs have not resulted in more students choosing Anna Maria for music studies, even as other majors at the College have experienced enrollment growth. Looking forward, we do not see any different variables that will bring music enrollment to a level that would sustain the program for the future. Unlike most other academic majors, music is a collective undertaking, where it takes a complete group of performers to make the learning experience vibrant and viable.

Anna Maria is fully committed to the Catholic liberal arts foundation that guides all our programs incorporated with our mission centered on the community-oriented professions.

For more information please visit: https://annamaria.edu/music-programs-statement