On December 3, Anna Maria College awarded over 50 scholarships to students during a Scholarship Lunch that brought students, families, and donors together to celebrate the hard work and academic achievements of AMCats. Through our Scholarship Spotlights, students have the opportunity to express their gratitude and relay the impact that their scholarships had on them as they continue their educational journeys at Anna Maria College.


Syracuse, New York

Graduation Year: 



Forensic Criminology

What was your first reaction when you received your scholarship?

At first, I was surprised and excited that I was receiving the Caparso Scholarship. I was looking forward to meeting the donors. I was happy and appreciative that I was selected. These donors are generous and caring people who have provided support to my academic endeavors. The funds from the scholarship are financially beneficial to helping me achieve my educational goals.

How is Anna Maria College helping you achieve your goals?

In this thing called life, there are several things that you need to do to achieve your goals. Attending college is a big step in your growth and development. While at Anna Maria College working towards earning my degree I have attained so much. I have gained knowledge, wisdom, valuable experience, various skills including time management, problem solving, communication, and planning skills. I have grown in the classroom as well as on the field as a Defensive Lineman for the Anna Maria AMCats.

What are your future plans after graduation?

My future plans after graduation are to work, start developing my business plan in trucking, take a much-needed vacation, and return to graduate school in the fall and continue furthering my education.