Emily Goodsell ‘25 always knew that her future would be in Emergency Management. Growing up she watched her older brother join their local Fire Department in South Glens Falls, New York and was inspired to follow in his footsteps and join as a volunteer firefighter.  

After graduating high school, Emily was looking for a college where she could earn a Fire Science degree and quickly realized that Anna Maria College was one of the only higher education institutions that offered that opportunity.  

“I loved that it was a small school and tight knit. It was close to Worcester, but it wasn’t in Worcester. I could visit the city when I wanted to visit and do things, and meanwhile on campus there were a lot of different opportunities for majors,” Emily said.  

Originally, Emily was solely interested in becoming a firefighter, but after working on an ambulance in her hometown, she started thinking about also becoming an EMT. Emily brought the idea up to her academic advisor, Chief Gary Daugherty, and he suggested that she enroll in Anna Maria’s Dual Track program for Paramedic Science and Fire Science.  

The Dual Track program educates future leaders of the fire service, while also producing highly trained entry level paramedic providers ready to sit for the National Registry Paramedic Certification Exam. 

Through the program, Emily already earned her EMT certification which allowed her to receive her New York State EMT license meaning she can now perform lifesaving medical work on the ambulance. Emily is also an accelerated student meaning she will graduate ahead of her peers in December 2025.  

The world of first responders was dramatically impacted by the pandemic leaving communities with many vacant job positions that they need filled, especially those with paramedic training. Emily’s fire science education, paramedic training, real world experience with Paxton Fire Department, and her accelerated graduation are all factors that will make her more competitive in the job market.  

“Everything we learn in this track is directly related to our careers,” Emily explained, “On the fire science side, we learn things like fire investigation, hydraulics, and combustion. Meanwhile, on the paramedic side the classes teach you everything you need to know when you’re in the back of an ambulance with a patient as a paramedic.” 

Emily is focused on her future and even helps other students develop career connections and learning opportunities through her work as President of Anna Maria’s Fire and Emergency Services Association (FESA). Already looking ahead, Emily is considering taking advantage of Anna Maria’s unique 5th Year Option and earning her master’s in public administration.  

“If you have any interest in Fire Science, take it at Anna Maria College. It’s a great program, the college has many resources and expert faculty to get you where you want to be,” Emily advised any prospective students, “And if you want to be an EMT, take the risk of the dual track with Paramedic Science, you’re going to enjoy it. Basically, if you are getting your bachelor’s, you’re getting your paramedic training with it at the same cost.” 

More information about Anna Maria’s Dual Track Fire Science and Paramedic Science can be found at: https://annamaria.edu/academics/undergraduate-studies/fire-science/