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Emergency Numbers from any Campus Phone
Paxton Fire Department/Police/Ambulance: 911
Campus Security Cell Phone: (508) 494-9010
Resident Director Duty Cell Phone: (508) 527-9123
Emergency Numbers from your Cell Phone
Paxton Fire /Police/Ambulance: (508) 791-6600 (State Police at 911)
Personal Safety
The doors of the residence halls are always locked. Residents gain access to their building by using their Anna Maria ID card. There are phones located at the entrance of each building and at strategic locations on campus. These phones may be used to call Public Safety Officers (508) 494-9010 (cell phone), dial 911 or call any campus phone.
Residents should not open the doors of the residence hall for a person that they do not know. Guests are welcomed, but must be let into the residence hall and then signed in by the resident host. Residents are urged to lock their room door at any time they leave their room. Safety begins with residents carrying their room keys at all times and keeping room doors locked.
Identity theft is a growing concern for everyone. While in the residence halls, students should take steps to protect their personal information.
Anna Maria’s Public Safety Officers can assist students with a variety of issues and concerns. Security is always available and can be reached from any campus phone by dialing (508) 494-9010 or from your cell phone at (508) 494-9010. Sgt. Mark Savasta is the Director of Security and can answer questions about safety on campus. You may reach him at (508) 849-3456 or 3456 from a campus phone.
Fire Safety
Fire safety equipment in the residence halls includes smoke and heat detectors. The building alarm sounding will activate a response from the Paxton fire department. Students are expected to respond immediately to the building fire alarm and room smoke alarms.
Illegal drugs and/or the abuse or misuse of prescription medications are not tolerated at Anna Maria College. This includes possession and/or use of drug paraphernalia. Residents are subject to all state and federal laws while on campus.
The Alcohol Policy at Anna Maria in its entirety is enforced in the residence halls. This Policy may be found in the Student Conduct Policies & Procedures section of the Student Handbook and copies are available in the Office of Residence Life.