At Anna Maria’s Counseling Center, a dedicated team of social workers provides unwavering support to students every single day. As we close our March as Social Work month, we want to highlight these professionals. They are more than just listeners; they offer a safe space free of judgment. Whether a student is grappling with anxiety, navigating personal conflicts, or simply craving a friendly ear to talk through a trying day, the compassionate team at the Counseling Center is available, eager, and ready to lend a hand. 

Kelly Sullivan 

Kelly Sullivan is the Director of Counseling Services with a lifelong passion for social work and helping others. Kelly has been with Anna Maria College for 9 years and originally served as the Director of the Bachelor of Social Work program before shifting roles in July 2023. “Moving on from my BSW role was a difficult decision but I felt like I could make a difference in supporting the mental health and wellness of students and promoting a healthy campus environment.” 

Kelly encourages students to utilize the Counseling Center to its fullest and to remember that the staff is there to assist every step of the way.  

“Students should visit the Counselling Center because by connecting with a therapist, you can work on strengthening your mental health while focusing on your personal and academic growth! You can visit us for a one time visit to discuss an upcoming decision you need to make and want to process through, or if you are dealing with a crisis situation or you are just having a hard time navigating life as a college student. There is no reason too small or too big that we can’t help you through here at the Counseling Center,” Kelly said.  

The Counseling Center Team makes themselves accessible through partnerships with other campus organizations such as Student Life, Campus Ministry, Residence Life, and even Sodexo where students can visit a nutritionist every Tuesday.  

“I want to be sure every student on campus knows that they are welcome here, celebrated for being who they are and are invited to come down and say hello, ask for help, and feel safe and supported here!” 

Colin Ponzani 

Colin Ponzani is a Mental Health Counselor who has been with Anna Maria College since November. While finishing his MSW program, Colin interned as a college counselor and realized that he wanted to work in a close-knit academic community like Anna Maria College.  

“I am passionate about social work because it offers a way of seeing the world that recognizes the many circumstances and systems that people encounter within their lived experiences. This is a perspective that I apply to counseling as well,” he said. 

Together Colin, Kelly, and Isiah provide individual counseling, but they also run group therapy sessions and workshop opportunities that provide more mental health resources for students.   

Self-care is very important, especially for college students who are under a great deal of stress and anxiety. “Try to make your own mental health a priority, as well as checking in on the folks around you. I think the combination of these things allows you to take care of yourself and have empathy for others,” Colin explained.  

Colin encourages students to stop by and see all the support that the Counseling Center has to offer.   

“I think every college student can relate to at least some degree of stress, which for many can show up as anxiety. You are trying to balance so many things at once, and while college can be a really wonderful time, it can also be incredibly difficult. We’re here to offer a safe space to talk about those challenges and provide some skills to better equip you to manage your stress.” 

Isiah Tucker 

Isiah Tucker is another dedicated Mental Health Counselor at Anna Maria College who has served students for the past two years. Isiah has an extensive background in family therapy, school-based counseling, and group facilitation that makes him an asset to the counseling team.  

His goal is to provide therapy to students while debunking mental health stigmas. “I believe that providing folks with the opportunity to better understand and improve their mental health, solidifies their opportunity to be successful in just about anything in life.” 

The Counseling Center also engages students through events, group discussions, RA/RD crisis intervention, and collaboration with Pathways to Change.  

Grief, loss, managing changes in identity as a young adult, race and gender dynamics, social anxiety, and conflict resolution are just a few of the many obstacles that college students face. By becoming more educated about mental health, students can help themselves as well as others.      

“The Counseling Center provides confidential support along with a wealth of resources to help students be their best selves during such a pivotal time in their life,” Isiah said.     

For more information about the Counseling Center and the services they offer visit: