Anna Maria College is making waves with the introduction of the College’s first-ever artificial intelligence course, AI for Everyone, developed in collaboration with Rize Education. This exciting venture opens doors for students to delve into the realm of AI and explore its vast applications across various industries. 

The AI for Everyone course curriculum covers a comprehensive range of topics, including AI fundamentals, prompt engineering, and ethical considerations. Students will have the opportunity to engage in hands-on projects, gaining practical experience in applying AI techniques to real-world scenarios. 

Scott Joubert, Director of Instructional Technology and Online Learning, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the importance of integrating AI into the curriculum to equip students with essential skills for the digital age. “Making AI for Everyone accessible to everyone is natural because it’s where we are heading as a society,” he explained. 

AI for Everyone is tailored to accommodate individuals from diverse backgrounds and industries. The course aims to empower students to harness the power of AI in their respective fields, fostering innovation and efficiency. 

Current Anna Maria students can register for this course here