AMC@Work is a blog series which focuses on the career journey of graduates. After achieving a degree from Anna Maria College, these students who learned career-ready skills were able to be competitive in the job market and make a difference in the world around them. Congratulations to our graduates like Master of Public Administration graduate Fire Captain Kate Howarth G’24 who found passion and purpose through their work.   


I am from Grand Blanc, MI, a suburb of Flint. I graduated high school in 2009 from Flint Powers Catholic and graduated undergrad from the University of Miami in 2012. I majored in Sport Administration/Sport Management. I continued my education at Anna Maria College earning a graduate degree in Public Administration.  

Why did you decide to study at Anna Maria College? 

I decided to study at Anna Maria because of the strong reputation it has within the emergency management field. It being an actual physical school really mattered to me as well because I knew if I ever needed to, I could go to the campus.  

How would you describe your experience in the MPA program? 

I think the program is thorough and challenging. I have learned a lot and am grateful for the professors.  

How did you navigate working and earning a degree at the same time? Did AMC faculty and resources help you? 

I think going back to school after a long period of time is difficult and presents its own challenges, but I think adult students are way more motivated to learn things that will help them within their jobs and help see new perspectives and opportunities.  

Navigating life, work, and school is challenging, especially considering the workload. However, the faculty and staff were very helpful and accommodating when needed, which made the process more doable.  

Where do you work now and how did the lessons you learned at Anna Maria help you in your career? 

I work for the Norfolk Fire Department as a Captain and paramedic. I learned many things throughout the program that taught me new perspectives that will help me in my current role and prepare me for any additional opportunities in the future. Through the program I received tools and skills that helped me succeed throughout the course and helped prepare me for navigating future challenges as I look to advance in my profession in fire service.  

What job advice would you give to prospective students considering Anna Maria? 

I would tell people that it is a great experience and that they will learn a lot during the process. I would also warn them that it is a heavy workload and to be prepared to buckle down and put in the time and energy to accomplish the end goal, but the process, while difficult and challenging, has taught me a lot of things and given me a chance to hone skills and abilities I would not have otherwise developed.