As Anna Maria College gets ready for its “Feel the Love for Anna Maria” celebration on Valentine’s Day, we wanted to take a moment to share the love stories and memories that have been created at Anna Maria. In addition to being a proud academic institution, Anna Maria College is the first chapter in many students’ happily ever afters. A place where people first met, fell in love, and went on to get married and even have families. Anna Maria College is the start of many stories and through February we are excited to “Feel the Love” with our alumni love stories! 

How many years have you been together? 

8 years 

What year did you graduate? What was your major? 

Sabrina: Undergraduate: Sports Management ‘19 Masters: Masters in Business Administration ‘20 

Dan: Undergraduate: Fire Science with a Minor in Psychology ‘19, Masters: Early Childhood Education ‘21 

What drew you to Anna Maria College as a student? 

Sabrina: I liked the small classes, where you were not just a number. You really got to know your professors in the small campus community. Plus, I was also able to continue playing softball. 

Dan: What drew me there was fire science, the small class sizes, and football. 

How did you meet your significant other?  

Sabrina: We met through a mutual friend our sophomore year, but we also had a few classes together. 

Dan: We met through a mutual friend, but it turns out we also had class together freshman year. 

Describe your first date. Was it love at first sight or a slow burn? 

Sabrina: We went to Vals, which is an Italian Restaurant right down the street in Holden. We just clicked right away, and we were inseparable ever since. We still go back to Val’s every year on our anniversary! 

Dan: Our first date was a wonderful dinner at Val’s where we just hit it off and when we got back to campus, we played Wii sports for a long time. We just loved spending more time together. 

Share some of your favorite memories as an AMCat! 

Sabrina: From getting to tailgate every football game, to having some of my best friends watch me on the softball field, we always made sure to make every moment we were at Anna Maria one to remember. Although, my favorite memory is from senior year when all our friends watched “The Haunting of Hill House” on Netflix. We would watch an episode every night together, let’s just say there was a lot of screaming, jumping, and laughs. 

Dan: Spending time with my lifelong friends who were with me through classes, football games, and everything in between. 

How has Anna Maria impacted your personal and professional life? 

Sabrina: Anna Maria has given me some of my best friends, an amazing husband, memories, and a career path that I love. I cannot thank Anna Maria enough for shaping me into the person and professional I am today! 

Dan: Anna Maria has given me my best friends, my wife, and my career. It’s given me so much and I am forever grateful for that! 

What do you “love” about Anna Maria College? 

Sabrina: I love the sense of community you get from Anna Maria. No matter how long you may have been away from the school you know you always have a home there. 

Dan: I love the people here; they are the reason that Anna Maria was the best decision I could’ve made for myself.