Last night wrapped up the 2022-23 collegiate Rainbow 6: Siege esports season. After 31 total games and a record of 25-6, the Anna Maria College esports team won its first national championship title during their inaugural season.

This season has been what dreams are made of: a group of students who met around a new esports program and became great as a team. Some of these students had never played the game before, while others had never played on a keyboard PC at all. They gave it their all and rose to do the impossible. Their hard work and dedication know no bounds.

Esports Director Zach Gandara said, “A total of four trophies have found their home at Anna Maria this season, but more importantly, these young men have made friends for life and memories that will never fade. I am so proud of them.”

The recap: NECC Navigators Rainbow 6 National Final (June 14, 2023)

#2 Anna Maria vs #4 Robert Morris

The fourth meeting of the AMCATS and the Colonials started with a quick RMU lead as their captain “Gif” and roamer “TonyTuesday” found themselves on an early hot streak on Border, but the AMCATS bounced back with a resurgence from Michael “MikeNotCool” Verran. The first map ended 7-4 in favor of Anna Maria.

Map two, Clubhouse, saw the AMCATS in control on the defensive side 4-2 at the half. Anna Maria won 7-4 after an amazing 15/5/1 stat line from Alfredo “Gh0st” Rodriguez

Led by captain Casey “Atwood” Atwood, Anna Maria had a nearly unstoppable attack side, going up 5-1 at the half. Only 2 round wins at this point separated the AMCATS from a national title. Not to be counted out, Robert Morris rallied three round wins back-to-back-to-back. The score sitting with an AMCAT lead 5-4, Anna Maria switched to a “refrag” defense, won two rounds in a row, and secured the national championship 7-4. Final match score AMCATS 3-0.