Dear Anna Maria Student:

The COVID-19 impact is causing us to address new and innovative ways to teach and learn in a safe and welcoming environment. All of our classes are now designed to be hybrid with face-to-face instruction combined with remote access to meet the needs of social distancing in the classroom that is necessary to stay healthy and safe.

Since the Town Hall meeting last week, a number of students have inquired if the option of taking classes remotely for the fall is available and I am writing to inform you that, if you would prefer this option, it is available to you. You can be assured that, no matter the model of delivery, face-to-face or remote, the same high-quality teaching, content and interaction with your faculty and peers will be consistent.

If you determine that remote learning is your preferred way of taking classes this fall semester, please complete and submit this form no later than Friday, July 17, 2020. Once this preference is selected, you will complete the entire semester remotely and work with your faculty and advisor in this way.

Due to recent mandates from the federal government, international students must maintain an on-campus course schedule with only one course available remotely in order to stay compliant. This could change in the coming weeks due to the pending legal action being supported by higher education with Anna Maria College in support of this retraction. But, as of this communication, it is still limited to on-ground enrollment for international students. Any questions you have on this, please direct to the Registrar’s Office at (508) 849-3401.

For those students whose programs include clinical or field placements, a remote only course selection is not possible and you are to direct any questions to your program director or advisor for further clarification.

Because tuition is paid in exchange for teaching, academic credit, and non-academic services and the immense work being done to accommodate all concerns with COVID-19 requirement for course offerings, development and technology improvements, the tuition will be the same for all students whether it be hybrid (face-to- face/remote) or remote.

Below I have included the updated academic calendar for your review and you will see that we are beginning the semester on Monday, August 24th for all undergraduate and 15-week graduate classes. We all look forward to your return and your continued safety and good health.

Christine L. Holmes, Ed.D.
Vice President for Academic Affairs