Dear Anna Maria Students and Parents,

On behalf of the faculty and staff at the College, I am writing to make sure you are updated on the latest news from campus and to check in on how you are doing during these difficult days. Little did we all know when we left for spring break that so many changes would happen, not just here at Anna Maria, but around the world. You are being asked to change your learning environment and, for some of you, your living situation since many of you had to move off campus. All of the activities that you were looking forward to for the rest of the semester cannot be held. And for all of this, I am truly sorry.

I have been on many calls with our Board of Trustees, other college presidents and government officials to make sure that we are making the best decisions on your behalf as a student at Anna Maria College. Every college is different and there is a lot of competing information out there.  Please be advised that many of our decisions are being informed by the federal and state officials as efforts are being taken to control COVID-19. In the meantime, the College will continue to provide timely updates on matters that affect you and your family.

A few things I want you to know before you begin your classes on Monday:
While the delivery of your classes is not what you’re used to, the faculty have been working very hard to make sure that the quality of your courses is as strong remotely as in person. The same educational outcomes will be expected so that there will be no question of your earned credits and your continued path to completing your degree. During this transition to online learning, the IT department has been working non-stop to ensure you have access to your coursework, your faculty, and the resources necessary for your success. If you have technical difficulties, please email them at Your faculty will also be available to help you with any course difficulties and will still have office hours posted for any discussions outside of the class – you will just have to see them remotely!

The Student Life staff is also working hard in planning online activities that will help you stay in touch with each other. I realize it isn’t Spring Weekend, a baseball softball or lacrosse game, a terrific fashion show, a drama production, or your art or music presentation, but I hope that you will participate and enjoy since we are all limited in what we can do and where we can go.

The refunds for room and board are being calculated and we are just waiting for some additional information from the government, both state and federal, to make sure we are being accurate in our determinations. In the meantime, you will be receiving a message from the business office at Anna Maria to sign up for E-Refund which will allow for direct deposit to your preferred bank account.Please pay attention to this notice and follow the instructions. You should expect this message sometime next week.

And last, but not least:
For those graduating this year – the Anna Maria College 2020 Commencement will be held on August 22, 2020 on our beautiful campus. We hope that by then that COVID-19 will not disrupt our plans. A Mass of Celebration will begin the day followed by the commencement ceremony with all of the pomp and circumstance that you deserve and expect. The Board of Trustees will host a Congratulatory Social after for your family and friends to celebrate the day together. This is an exciting day for you and we will make sure it is a day you will remember.

As you begin your classes on Monday, stay focused, connected and healthy. I know this is not easy, but we are here for you and miss you very much. Please feel free to reach out to me at

Mary Lou Retelle
President of Anna Maria College