This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. As we take time to thank all of our teachers, Shelie Wells, Field Placement Coordinator and Interim Director of Education Programs, shares some insights on how Anna Maria is preparing the next generation of educators.

What is the benefit of earning a master’s in education from Anna Maria College?

Anna Maria College has strong partnerships with many local school districts. Our students have a reputation for being well prepared to teach and highly professional. There is a shortage of teachers locally and administrators reach out to us frequently to share open position in hopes that we have candidates who would be interested in applying.

How does Anna Maria College’s program stand out from the competition?

The classes in the M. Ed. Program are small in size. Students develop strong connections with their instructors and peers. Our instructors are current or retired teachers and bring real experience and wisdom to the classroom. Our Field Placement works closely with each student to select field placements and each student has an advisor that is easily accessible and willing to support each student from start to finish.

What types of job opportunities become more available with a master’s in education degree?

Graduates of one of our Education Licensure Programs are eligible for licensure within a student’s selected field. Completion of the M.Ed. and meeting the requirements set by the Massachusetts Department of Education allows licensed teachers to teach in a MA school district. A master’s degree is required for teachers to advance from initial to professional licensure status.

What advice would you give to prospective students who are hesitant about entering graduate school?

Selecting Anna Maria College is almost like booking a private tour when traveling.  Our students receive personal attention in the classroom and within the Education Department.  We are readily available to discuss concerns, provide support services, and to celebrate students’ success.

What’s the number one motivation you see among students studying to be teachers? 

The desire to make a difference is often the motivation for students to pursue a career in teaching.  Teachers create a safe and engaging learning environment for all students to learn and grow.  Without teachers, would there be any other professions?