By Sloane M. Perron, Manager of Marketing Communications 

Kosta Drosidis a Business Administration student who graduated in May has his sights set on the Big Leagues.  

Baseball has always been a passion for Drosidis since he started playing at five years old, and over the years his appreciation for the sport has only grown.  

“It’s challenging. One day can be your best game then, the next can be the worst day of your life,” Drosidis said about the game that has kept his interest over the years.  

Self-discipline, prioritization, and seeking out new challenges are not only lessons Drosidis learned through baseball but are also aspects that serve him well as a student athlete who plays shortstop on Anna Maria’s baseball team.  

When Drosidis was first applying to colleges, he looked for academic institutions that were affordable, offered a quality education, and ones that would be able to help hone his skills as a baseball player.  

“Anna Maria College had all three of those criteria,” he said.  

This summer, Drosidis was offered a position playing for the Worcester Bravehearts located at the Hanover Insurance Park on Fitton Field.  

Not only will this new opportunity provide Drosidis with more competition which will elevate his game, it is also a major personal accomplishment. 

“It’s like a dream come true, I watched them playing as a kid,” Drosidis said about being on the Worcester Bravehearts team. 

While this new experience will advance his baseball career, Drosidis is still committed to Anna Maria College’s team. In addition to earning his undergraduate degree at Anna Maria College, Drosidis is slated to begin his MBA program at Anna Maria this fall meaning he is still part of the college’s baseball team.  

Last year, Anna Maria’s baseball team narrowly missed winning their conference title. This year, Drosidis and the rest of the baseball team are determined to win and spotlight what the college’s student athletes at Anna Maria are capable of.  

Drosidis says he is proud to be an Anna Maria student and he credits the faculty and coaches who always went the extra mile for him. Whether it was getting replies over the weekends, receiving thoughtful advice, or professors understanding his commitments to his family’s small business, Drosidis appreciates the faculty, staff, and coaches at Anna Maria College.  

“You’re not just a number, they know something personal about you,” Drosidis said, “They do the right thing even when no one is looking.” 

Drosidis ultimate dream is to play with the Red Sox, in the meantime, he is happy just taking his life one day at a time as he works consistently towards his business and sports goals. 

When thinking about future student athletes interested at Anna Maria College, Drosidis would advise them to focus on the real reason why they are at school, to earn an education. Through time management and discipline, Drosidis balances school, work, and sports.  

When it comes to life and following his dreams, Drosidis has his priorities in order, “Family first, followed by academics and sports, then everything else after.” 

Check out Drosidis playing with the Worcester Bravehearts this summer by visiting: