Strengthen Organizational Capability

Anna Maria College substantially contributes to the economic development and lifeblood of the Greater Worcester community. Something Greater deepens and extends our critical partnerships across the region's businesses, schools, health care agencies, and community organizations.

How Scholarships

The exceptional educational experience and professional preparation that our students gain at Anna Maria College result from our judicious management and careful investment of our institutional capabilities, capacity, and resources. Our Something Greater Strategic Plan calls for ongoing development of our faculty and professional staff, campus and facilities, instructional and administrative technologies, and learning and student life resources and partnerships. We will garner higher return on these assets and strengthen our community relationships by expanding the use of our campus, facilities, and technological resources for educational, cultural, recreational, and conference programming and events. We will deepen our engagement with our alumni and friends, and expand philanthropic support through a major campaign that sustains our growth and vitality.

“Our strategic plan recognizes that colleges and universities can no longer operate doing business as usual. In these changing times for higher education, our trustees, faculty, and administrative staff are intensifying our purpose and efforts to design and provide an educational experience of remarkable value and lasting impact – all the while being exceptional stewards of our mission, values, and resources.”

~ Mary Lou Retelle
President – Anna Maria College

Fundraising and External Support

Determine and prioritize external fundraising requirements and opportunities from the strategic plan. Grow donor cultivation and financial support for key strategic and operational priorities. Enhance donor engagement and stewardship. Assess readiness and feasibility for a major fundraising campaign. Prepare and launch a capital campaign.

New Revenue Opportunities from Existing Assets

Inventory and conduct a usage study of campus, facilities, and technology assets. Evaluate assets for potential revenue opportunities in such areas as conference services, summer campus, events, catering, gym and athletic field rentals, and other facilities rentals. Develop and implement an integrated business, marketing, and performance plan for leveraging new revenue opportunities.

Strategic Investments in Campus Technology and Resources

Determine instructional, learning support, and administrative technology needs and requirements under the strategic plan, and develop an integrated, staged technology plan for resource investment, acquisition, and implementation. Develop and initiate a short-term campus renovation and facilities enhancement plan to accommodate the initial phase of strategic plan implementation. Develop a long-range Campus and Facilities Master Plan for strategic investment in the College’s campus consistent with the strategic plan.

Organizational Stewardship and Effective Decision Making

Evaluate the College’s organizational structure and optimally align it according to the Enterprise Strategy and for strategic plan implementation. Assess and determine staffing requirements for growth under the strategic plan. Design and implement decision-support, forecasting, and performance dashboards to inform institution decision making. Determine communications strategies to update the College community on strategic progress and create internal and public communication channels.