Name: Brian Quinn 

Hometown: Paxton, MA 

Major: Social Work 

I’m Brian Quinn and I am a senior here at Anna Maria College who is about to graduate with my bachelor’s degree in social work. I am part of the small percentage of people born with a rare seizure disorder called Tuberous Sclerosis. Many people face medical challenges and feel inhibited by them. I want to tell anyone facing medical issues or facing a big obstacle that is getting in the way of your goals: never give up and never give in. Six years ago if someone told me I’d be at Anna Maria getting a bachelor’s degree and already registered for a master’s degree, I wouldn’t have believed you. Six years ago, I was an anxious person facing breakthrough seizures and medication interactions which impacted my ability to learn. Six years later, I’m accomplishing milestones that I never thought I would be able to achieve.  

Your medical condition doesn’t define who you are or inhibit your potential. Never give in and never give up.  

Why did you choose Anna Maria College?  

I was impressed by the great reputation Anna Maria College holds for creating leaders in the helping professions. 

Who were some of the most influential/helpful faculty that you have had? 

 The entire social work department has been so helpful and patient throughout the two years that I’ve been at Anna Maria College as a transfer student. 

What was your greatest accomplishment during your four years?  

My greatest accomplishment was getting into the Phi Alpha honors society. 

What was your biggest challenge going to college? 

Facing challenges with my seizure disorder such as medication interactions and a few breakthrough seizures as well. 

What/who has gotten you through these challenges?  

The support and patience of my professors here at Anna Maria has helped me so much throughout the hard times I’ve faced. I’m so appreciative and grateful for all of the social work staff here for being so understanding and helpful when I’ve had to face challenges. 

What advice would you give to students who may also have medical conditions? 

Never give up and never lose hope.  

What are your plans for the future?  

After I get my BSW, I plan on earning my master’s degree in social work here at Anna Maria College as well.   

Any advice for the Class of 2027? 

Never let an obstacle get in the way of accomplishing your goals!