Name: Sarah Hall 

Hometown: Berkley, MA 

Major: Music Therapy 

Why did you choose Anna Maria College? 

I chose Anna Maria College because of the close-knit community and small campus! They also had the best music therapy program in New England which drew me here.  

What are some of your favorite memories? 

My favorite memories are all the big bingo events, performing in the musicals/plays, and spending time with my close friends from the music department! 

What was your greatest accomplishment during your four years? 

My greatest accomplishment during my four years was getting Dean’s List every semester. It was delayed in Fall 2022 due to a “yearlong” class that didn’t get a letter grade until Spring 2023, but I’ve been able to keep one of the highest GPAs in the class and continue to develop my social life!  

What will you miss the most about Anna Maria? 

I’ll miss the amazing staff that I developed strong connections with and seeing my close friends in one area!  

What are your plans for the future? 

I want to work in Early Intervention/Childhood after I pass my boards!  

Any advice for the Class of 2027? 

Make every single day count and live for yourself! Time flies by quickly.