By Sloane M. Perron, Manager of Marketing Communications 

Valter Santiago G ‘25 wears many hats at Anna Maria College as an MBA student, soccer player, and a Resident Director. With all these different responsibilities and roles, Valter is still focused on his dream of eventually owning and operating his own gym one day. 

Originally from Norwood, MA, Valter spent his undergraduate years in Florida where he joined his college’s soccer team and earned a Bachelor’s in Sports Management. After graduating, Valter wanted to return home to further his education.  

While searching for a good MBA program from, Valter received an email from an Anna Maria College soccer coach inviting him to join the team. After considering his options, Valter decided to become an AMCat. Without even touring the school, Valter moved straight from Florida to Paxton.  

“It was a leap of faith,” Valter explained, “At Anna Maria College, I had the chance to play soccer again and I could earn my master’s while playing a sport I love. The  MBA program is also affordable, and now I am closer to home.”    

Anna Maria College checked all the boxes that Valter was looking for in an MBA program. He is also able to gain more career experience and financial affordability as a Resident Director where he oversees South Hall and Alumni & Coughlin Hall. In this role, Valter supervises the RAs and provides support services to both the RAs and residents.  

As a student who attended college far from home, Valter can relate to the homesickness and obstacles that resident students, especially freshmen, might face. However, he uses his experience to help others and find solutions to problems that might arise. Ultimately, Valter sees living on campus at Anna Maria College as an experience that can hold many life lessons for students and open the door to new opportunities and connections.  

“When you live on campus, especially if you are far away from your family, you’re forced to grow. You just can’t stay within your shell otherwise you’re not going to really be able to thrive in terms of school, or anything you try to go for,” Valter said, “The advice I would give students is to embrace that awkward feeling because growth happens outside of your comfort zone. You never know who you are going to meet and how different people and opportunities may impact your life.” 

Whether on the soccer field, in the residential halls, or in his MBA classes, Valter is always around campus making new connections with students, learning new skills, and being open to whatever opportunities life has to offer him.