By Sloane M. Perron, Manager of Marketing Communications 

Karin Ciance, Associate Professor of Nursing at Anna Maria College was delightfully surprised when a representative invited her to speak at the 4th Global Virtual Conference on Nursing Education taking place on September 20th. While the nursing conference foundation is based in the United Kingdom, academic experts from all over the globe will participate in this completely virtual event. 

“This is an exciting new opportunity,” Ciance said about the upcoming conference.  

Ciance was selected to join the Conference after coordinators read her fall prevention article “Educating and Engaging Elders in the Sure Steps Fall Prevention Program” which was published in the Nov/Dec 2017 issue of Home Healthcare Now.  

Fall prevention has been a topic that has been near and dear to Ciance’s heart after loved ones in her life fell and passed away due to subsequent injuries from the fall. Whether during her time as a nurse in nursing homes or as an educator, Ciance’s goal has always been to teach others about the dangers of falls and tips on how to avoid them.  

“I love educating people on fall prevention because that’s my real goal,” Ciance said, “If I can enlighten someone and educate someone on just putting up a handrail or putting a rubber mat in their tub, if I can save someone, then it’s valuable.” 

During the Global Virtual Conference, Ciance will share her experiences as a gerontological nurse who has both hands-on experience and academic acumen in the field. Through conferences, Ciance meets fellow academics from all over the world and asks questions to broaden her understanding. These are aspects that she then takes back to her classes to further enrich her students’ understanding. During her Nursing Research class, Ciance even brings her posters and published articles to class to give the students real world examples.  

“It’s just amazing how it relates back to what I can give back to the students,” Ciance said how academic opportunities outside of campus can benefit Anna Maria’s community. 

Ciance is extremely proud to represent Anna Maria College at an international conference, “The Anna Maria logo and Anna Maria College USA are going to be represented in the United Kingdom. So here we go! I’m absolutely thrilled that our name is out there and that we’re visible internationally, it’s wonderful!” 

The Nursing Open House is taking place on November 11 from 11am to 3pm. The event is the perfect opportunity for potential nursing students to meet with faculty, staff, and current students. Those interested in learning more about the life-saving profession of nursing can register here.