Greg Walther is Anna Maria College’s new Director of Career Services. He is excited to help students find internships and careers that suit their passions as they navigate life after college.  

1. Share your background and what drew you to Anna Maria College 

I possess over fifteen years of experience in the field of Workforce Development/Career Counseling having had the opportunity to partner with individuals to identify and pursue their career goals. Having served in a variety of Career Counseling and leadership roles throughout Massachusetts, my career experiences have been enriched by partnering with individuals originating from diverse communities. Whether working with an entry level employment candidate, an advanced professional with an extensive background, a student bound for college one just completing their degree requirements, it is always a special thrill to be part of their career journey, especially when they have fulfilled their individual goals! 

2. Describe your favorite aspects of your role and how students can meet with you. 

My favorite part of the role is having the opportunity to be a part of the Anna Maria College community.  The professors I have met are strong advocates for their students and believe in helping them become the best they can be. The Office of Career Services has already been enhanced by receiving the constructive feedback of staff and the students who I have had the pleasure of meeting. I am truly excited and motivated about discovering opportunities for our students and graduates, supporting them to fulfill their goals. I am looking forward to the students returning to campus in August and am enthusiastic about what we can accomplish together!  We plan to have a strong outreach presence on campus; if students would like to set up a meeting they can email, call, or drop into my office to introduce themselves. They are always welcome to reach out. We also have an Instagram page and look forward to receiving all the students’ feedback and ideas.  We will have events throughout the year so be on the lookout for flyers and information! 

3. In your opinion, what qualities and skills make Anna Maria College students stand out from the competition?  

It is that sense of community and giving back!  I am greatly impressed by all of our students who are studying for those front-line positions which are instrumental in all our lives.  One of the aspects that drew me to Anna Maria College was how much the students do to make a difference with their volunteerism and community service.  I am overwhelmed by the number of success stories I have learned about in a short period of time and looking forward to capturing many more moving forward. The dedication of our alumni has been immediately apparent as many have contacted the Office of Career Services looking to share the employment opportunities that are currently available knowing of all the impressive qualities and dedication Anna Maria College students have to offer.