By Sloane M. Perron, Manager of Marketing Communications 

It has already been a whirlwind and exciting summer for Keannah Dunsmore ‘22 who just graduated in May with her Bachelor’s in Health Science and Forensic Criminology. 

Dunsmore has a passion for the medical field. She wants to explore all facets of the industry and look at different ways to apply the principles of health science.  

While Dunsmore was finishing her senior year, Health Sciences Assistant Professor Dr. Kerriann Marden heard about the Doctors in Italy program and suggested that Dunsmore apply. After a thorough application process and a stressful waiting period, Dunsmore received word that she was accepted into the program. 

Dunsmore graduated on Monday, May 9 and by Saturday she was on a flight to Milan ready to begin her first solo international adventure.  

“I’ve been to Italy before, more the southern parts and coastal parts, and I absolutely love the country. I definitely knew that I wanted to visit again, and this just seemed like the perfect opportunity. It all kind of fell into place really quickly, so it just made me think it was totally worth it. It was meant to be, so I just took full advantage of it and I’m so glad I did because it was an incredible experience,” Dunsmore said.  

During the program, Dunsmore spent two weeks shadowing doctors from various departments located at the small, rural hospital of San Giuseppe in Milan, Italy.  

The first day Dunsmore was assigned to the urology department where she observed surgery in the OR. In addition to urology, Dunsmore also shadowed doctors in the neonatology and general surgery departments.  

Because of her solid health science education from Anna Maria College, Dunsmore was able to ask in-depth questions and jump right into the program without missing a beat.  

“I took just about every science class you can take here [at Anna Maria], and they directly applied to my shadowing experience. I mean, I was just picking up on things when they were doing procedures like biopsies and whatnot, and I could put together what they were doing without them having to translate things for me and just understanding the different parts of the body as well. My background in the health sciences here at Anna Maria definitely furthered my experience because I didn’t have so many simple questions to ask,” she said.  

Dunsmore is still processing the amazing experience she had and is grateful that she expanded not only her medical knowledge, but also her appreciation for cultural diversity whether it was with the students in her cohort or the doctors whom she observed and shadowed.  

Dunsmore’s journey with Anna Maria College is not over yet! The alum and member of Anna Maria’s soccer team will be back on the field with her team and back in the classroom as she earns her Master’s in Business Administration.