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COVID Outbreak Announcement

By April 1, 2021No Comments

I am writing to inform you of an outbreak of positive COVID-19 cases on campus that are attributed to attendance at an off-campus party last weekend.

In total, we currently have 10 positive and 2 probable cases reported.  As I noted in an earlier communication, positive cases are spreading faster than what we witnessed in the fall which gives us serious concern about possible continued spread and necessitate the following action steps.

Please take note of the following instructions:

  1. If you attended an off-campus party on Saturday, March 27, take these steps
    1. Identify yourself to Health Services (508-849-3315)
    2. Quarantine in place immediately
    3. Monitor your symptoms.  If you experience symptoms, notify Health Services and contact your Primary Care Physician.
  2. All resident students are required to test on Thursdays, be sure to report to the Testing Site prior to 11:00 a.m. today

Beginning at noon today, all Classes will be taught remotely through Wednesday, April 7, 2021. 

If you are a resident student and have the ability to return home for Easter break and through Wednesday, you should do so.  If you are already home for the break, you are encouraged to remain home until Wednesday.

If you remain on campus, you are required to quarantine in place, including:

  1. Remain in your room as much as possible
  2. You may go to the dining hall for food.
  3. You may walk around individually for fresh air, but must avoid even small gatherings.
  4. Facilities such as the Activities Center, Fitness Room, Caparso Field, will be closed through Wednesday.  All athletics practices and competitions are suspended.
  5. The testing site will be open regular hours Monday – Wednesday, if you are on campus you are required to test on Monday and encouraged to test Tuesday as well.

All students must test and receive a negative test result before attending an on-ground class. 

These measures are being taken as an attempt to control the spread.   If we continue to receive a high number of positive cases, further steps may be necessary.

I am as disappointed as you are.

Dean Klein

Andrew O. Klein
Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Retention
50 Sunset Lane  |  Paxton, MA 01612
p 508.849.3313  |