In 2018, Anna Maria opened its own National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) chapter. NSLS is the nation’s largest honors society with over 700 chapters throughout the United States. The organization offers scholarships, seminars, and leadership training to help students become future visionaries capable of making meaningful change in their communities. 

Throughout the past 5 years, Anna Maria’s NSLS has inducted over 425 students. Under the leadership of chapter president John Kelly ‘24 and vice president Mensur Bacaliu ‘25, the college’s chapter has reached new milestones such as being named to NSLS’ Founder’s List. 

The Founder’s List is awarded to chapters who complete eight out of NSLS’ ten leadership pillars. Anna Maria College saw its biggest student engagement thus far and amped up its event offerings.  

The leadership team has been busy trying to provide new experiences and learning opportunities for its members. As of 2023, the Anna Maria chapter hosted four orientations, four leadership training sessions, twelve speaker broadcasts both in person and online, and one induction ceremony. Five of Anna Maria’s chapter leaders attended the Regional Leadership summit in New Jersey. Anna Maria’s NSLS boasts a 40 percent success rate in recruiting new members each fall semester. This is a major milestone for the chapter which had to overcome low induction rates in the wake of COVID. 

The Founder’s List award was a complete surprise for the hard-working team who were proud to be recognized for their efforts. “This designation will only make our chapter at Anna Maria College stronger. We will use this as fuel to continue to be the best possible chapter we can be,” said Anna Maria NSLS Vice President and Forensic major Mensur Bacaliu. “It is important we celebrate this honor but also continue to grow and use it as a way to show that we work hard to be a trustworthy organization that produces the next generation of future student and community leaders.” 

Anna Maria College NSLS President John Kelly encourages other Anna Maria students to join the honors society not just for the leadership training and scholarships, but also to connect with other students, build a sense of community, and create lifelong memories.  

“We have become a stand-out organization on our campus, and the best in leadership development for our school. The AMC chapter members are committed to continuing their impressive growth track,” said Kelly. “We continue to help make the NSLS the most active and helpful group on our campus. With our highest induction rate to date, we’re looking forward to providing opportunities for scholarships, volunteer and service experience, and leadership and community opportunities for students to build on their leadership skills.” 

After earning The Founder’s List award, the Anna Maria College NSLS chapter already has their eyes set on other future accomplishments as they strive to obtain NSLS’s Organization of the Year Award.