We are thrilled to announce an outstanding achievement for our recent graduates. According to the Handshake First Destination Survey, conducted by the Office of Career Services, 92% of Anna Maria College’s Class of 2024 respondents reported being employed, pursuing graduate programs, engaged in postgraduate community service, or serving in the military. Our graduates are already making significant contributions to various fields and communities.

This impressive statistic highlights the dedication and hard work of our students, the support of our faculty, and the effectiveness of our career service program. The Handshake First Destination Survey remains open for six months following graduation, continuing to gather valuable data.

Anna Maria College is committed to providing exceptional education and career support. The Career Services Office offers a wealth of resources, guidance, and opportunities to help students transition smoothly from college to career. From resume workshops and mock interviews to networking events and job fairs, we are dedicated to our students’ success at every step.

A great starting point for planning your career is our year-by-year career checklist. This checklist outlines the actions students should take each year of their college journey to prepare for the job market.

Congratulations to the Class of 2024 on achieving an impressive 92% job placement rate! We are incredibly proud of you and look forward to seeing all the great things you will accomplish.