1. Briefly describe your journey to this job. What attracted you to Anna Maria College?  

My journey to this job started when I became an RA during my sophomore year of my undergraduate degree. I was an RA for three years and played multiple sports throughout my undergraduate experience. I graduated during the 2020 Covid pandemic and lost out on my senior lacrosse season and final semester as an RA. I then received the opportunity to play a graduate year of lacrosse and pursue a master’s degree. While in my master’s program I worked as a Graduate Assistant in the Office of Student Engagement and was an on-call RD. I’m now the Resident Director of St. Anne’s Hall. Additionally, I was given the opportunity to be Anna Maria’s Assistant Women’s Lacrosse coach.    

2. What do you like most about being an RD?  

What I like about being an RD is working with not only my RAs but residents in general. Additionally, I enjoy creating entertaining and informative programming for the building and giving students a chance to have some fun, laugh and smile outside the classroom with their friends!     

3. What are some fun activities that you suggest students try during their first week 

A fun activity I encourage new students to attend is the tailgate on August 26 during the football scrimmage! It’s a great event that brings students together and where you can meet new friends. 

4. What are some “must-haves” that you recommend students bring when they move-in? 

Some “must-haves” that I recommend students bring when they first move-in are trash bags, extra blankets, a fan, microwave safe bowl for making food in the microwave and plastic Tupperware for leftovers.