Becky Lindley has an extensive background in Student Activities and Residence Life that began right after she graduated from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, where she began working as a Residence Hall Director. Inspired by her own undergraduate experience, she went on to earn her Master’s degree in Student Development in Higher Education from the University of Maine. Becky has held positions at Fitchburg State University and most recently as the Associate Director in the Center of Student Involvement at Northeastern University where she engaged with more than 450 student organizations. Becky looks forward to getting to know the students and supporting them in their leadership development while creating extracurricular offerings for the entire Anna Maria College community.

What’s most interesting to you about working with college students/working on a college campus?

I love my career of working with college students and a college campus because every day is different! Various events, meetings with different student groups, supporting students with ideas they bring to me – it’s all very exciting! Also, I really enjoy supporting students personally when they need to talk to someone about things that come up in life…which tends to happen often when you’re in college! It is very rewarding to see students learn more about themselves and their passions to be successful beyond college and to play some part in that process. I continue to have communication with many former students with whom I have developed a friendship during the important years of college. In fact, I recently attended a former student leader’s wedding!

What best practices do you aim to include when creating student activities or engaging students in activities? Is there a winning formula?

In my opinion, the most important aspect when creating opportunities for students is asking the students what they want and getting their feedback. I could come up with what I think is the greatest idea ever, but the students may have no interest or connection to it at all. Honestly, I have hosted amazing programs that I never would have come up with myself that were great ideas from students! I also really try to involve students in the planning and facilitating of the activities – it is a great way to learn important skills such as communication, teamwork, budgeting, and time management. 

What activities stood out to you when you were a college student?

I was a very involved student during college, and in fact that is the reason I got into this work – because I wanted to give back for the wonderful experience that student activities staff gave to me. I was actually very quiet and shy when I started college, and thanks to everything I got involved with I am now well known to be an outgoing and loud person! College helped me find my voice! Some of the experiences that stand out to me now from my time as a college student include being an RA and Orientation Leader; participating in student leadership sessions at my college and going to leadership conferences at other colleges; being a member of multiple clubs; and going to many campus activities like comedians and musicians with friends. I still have close friends today who I graduated with back in the day. I am so grateful for my experience and hope to support Anna Maria College students to have just as great an opportunity!