David Wackell

Lecturer, Art
Department of Art and Design
(508) 849-3450
B.A., Fine Arts, Westfield State College
M.F.A., Savannah College of Art and Design

David Wackell manages the permanent collection and public sculpture program at the college, serves as Preparator for the Art Center Gallery, and administrator for the departments of Art and Design, and Music. Inquiry includes interviews, and related catalog of the Guest Artist series. He has been a lecturer at Anna Maria since 2008.
Private and meditative in his own practice of art, Wackell has always been fascinated with the relationship between people and trees. The practice of creating art seems a search for connection, communion, and story. Recent work explores his childhood relationship with the forest through the guise of the poet. His latest writing, “Momoyama Sanpo” records the sketchbook from a 2016 trip to Kyoto, Japan.