Sang Kim Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
(508) 849-3351


Ph.D. in Molecular Biology Program, Biophysics and Genetics Department, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Field: Cell cycle regulation in Xenopus

M.S. in Microbiology, California State University-Los Angeles, Field: Molecular virology of Sendai virus

B.S. in Biology, Korea University

Professional Research Experience:

Research Scientist/team leader/supervisor, Oncology research and Therapeutic Innovation Group (2005-2013), Amgen, Inc.

Post-doctoral fellow with Dr. Daniel A. Haber (1999-2005), Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, Harvard Medical School


Dr. Kim came to Anna Maria College with a background in the fields of cell cycle, epigenetics, and cancer biology with expertise in molecular, cellular, and biochemical biology. Since Dr. always wanted to work with young students, he started to teach from 2013.

Prior to joining Anna Maria College, Dr. Kim taught various Biology subjects in several colleges.

Courses Taught at Anna Maria:

Introduction to Chemistry I Lab
Human Anatomy and Physiology I

Research Interests:

Dr. Kim is interested in cancer biology with special expertise in senescence and epigenetic regulation. Also interested in the in vitro biochemical- and cell-based assay development and the translational research through various molecular biology and cell biology techniques.


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