Fr. Stephen Lundrigan M.A., M.Div., Th.M., Psy.D.

Campus Chaplain, Lecturer
Campus Ministry; School of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Office: Foundress/Cushing Lower Level
B.A., Psychology, St. Anselm College
M.A., Counseling Psychology, Assumption College
M.Div., Theology and Pastoral Ministry, St. John’s Seminary
M.R.E., Religious Education and Youth Ministry, Loyola University, N.O.
Th.M., Vocational Discernment and Formation, Boston College
C.A.G.S., Psychological Assessment, Anna Maria College
Psy.D., Clinical Psychology, California Southern University

Fr. Steve has worked in many jobs in the Human Service and Criminal Justice fields since graduating from college in 1990. Beginning as a front-line staff in a juvenile detention center, he has been an outreach worker to inner city youth, a caseworker for the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services, and a clinician, clinical director, and consultant. His experience working as a clinician include locked psychiatric settings, secure correctional facilities, residential programs, public and private schools, outpatient clinics, and more than 12 years in private counseling practice. During these 12 years he was adjunct faculty at Worcester State University and Anna Maria. At the age of 47 Fr. Steve was ordained a Roman Catholic Priest and served for six years as pastor of Annunciation Parish in Gardner, Mass. While in this assignment, he was the headmaster of the parish preK-8 school, taught at Anna Maria, and conducted ministry at a hospital and state prison. Fr. Steve was assigned the pastor of St. Columba Church in Paxton and appointed Chaplain of Anna Maria College in 2023. In addition to his responsibilities as a parish priest, and his duties as Chaplain and adjunct faculty at Anna Maria, Fr. Steve conducts the psychological evaluations for men wishing to become priest or deacons in the Diocese of Worcester and aids in their formation.

Courses Taught at Anna Maria:
Introduction to Psychology, Psychology of Adolescence, Abnormal Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Assessment and Treatment of Sexually Offending Behavior, Psychopathology, Clinical Skills
Introduction to Theology; Society, Science, and God; Psychology and Spirituality; Styles of Christian Living; Foundational Theology

Research Interests:
Exploring the philosophical and practical intersections between scientific discoveries and religious belief. Considering the true nature of valid science and authentic religion and how the rigors of science and the truths of authentic faith are compatible.

Understanding the phenomenon of clinical resistance, defining its origins in a specific individual, and developing psychometric tools and clinical interventions to maximize the effectiveness of therapy for individuals who deploy resistance in treatment.

Determining the factors that aid in the psychological assessment and formation of those who are being prepared to enter ministerial roles in the Church.

Exploration of the development of delinquent/criminal behavior and the factors that cause some to alter the developmental trajectory and engage in a more prosocial lifestyle. A particular interest is the application of research in this area to clinical practice.

Examining the process of faith and spiritual development, and the implications of combining this development with psychological growth in developing an integrated and fruitful style of life.

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