James Duggan M.A., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Criminal Justice
Office: Trinity Hall, room 215
B.S., Law Enforcement, Western New England College (2001)
M.A., Criminal Justice, University of Massachusetts Lowell (2014)
Ph.D., Criminology and Criminal Justice with Terrorism Studies option (2022)

Dr. Duggan honorably retired from the Massachusetts State Police (MSP) in 2018 after 25 years of service. He retired as a Detective Lieutenant, commanding the MSP’s Anti-Terrorism Unit. Dr. Duggan was detailed to FBI Boston for eight years before his retirement. He investigated Russian Organized Crime before his assignment to the Joint Terrorism Task Force. Dr. Duggan completed his Ph.D. at the University of Massachusetts Lowell under the tutelage of Dr. James J.F. Forest. Academic and professional awards bestowed upon Dr. Duggan include UMass Lowell’s Outstanding Ph.D. Student (2022) and Amy Finn Human Spirit Award (2022), an Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Doctoral Summit fellowship (2019), FBI Boston’s Award of Excellence for contributions to the Marathon bombing investigation (2013), the New England Narcotic Enforcement Officers’ Association Enrique Camarena Memorial Award for contributions to drug enforcement (2010), and the Latham–Moynihan Award for contributions to the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office Detective Unit (2009).

Courses Taught:
CRJ 101 Foundations of Criminal Justice
CRJ 102 Introduction to Terrorism Studies
CRJ 250 Policing in America
CRJ 369 Federal Response to Crime
CRJ 490 Capstone Seminar in Criminal Justice
CRJ 711 Statistical Analysis
JAD 840 Justice Administration
HEM 636 Intentional Threats and Disasters

Research Interests:
Anti-terrorism, counterterrorism, incident command, formal and informal social control

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