Testing Dashboard & Action Steps

The health and safety of our campus and local community is paramount during these unprecedented times. In order to keep you as informed as possible, we are providing the dashboard below to track key data elements associated with COVID-19. In addition, we outline action steps that are being taken to protect our community during the pandemic. We are teaching, learning, working and living in new ways, and ask for your cooperation with our safety guidelines.

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Testing Dashboard
Action Steps

Testing Dashboard

Action Steps


What is the delivery method for classes in the Fall?

Each classroom, lab, and additional space marked for conversion to classroom places have been assessed by Facilities and Vice Presidents following nationally utilized social distancing reconfiguration.

Faculty are currently preparing their classes to pivot to a remote teaching and learning model of delivery if needed. In general:

  • If the class is currently scheduled as online and will remain so, no alterations will be made beyond denoting any required synchronous (remote face to face) timeframes.
  • If the class is currently scheduled as face to face and will continue as face to face, adjustments will be made to denote a hybrid (at least 50% remote teaching/learning) designation. This is a way for students to be planful in the event of Commonwealth action due to the pandemic that happens later in the semester. Information about classroom use days/times will be scheduled.
  • If the class is currently scheduled as hybrid, no alterations will be made: information about classroom use days/times will remain the same.
  • If the class is currently scheduled as face to face or blended but needs to be moved to online, instructors will work with their Dean/Director to effect that and it will be noted on the finalized class schedule. Remote synchronous class meeting times (at least once a week) will also be noted.

If you determine that remote learning is your preferred way of taking classes this fall semester, please complete and submit this formStudents can also contact their academic advisors or program dean/directors to discuss options and to get help with any questions about their fall schedules.

What do I do if I want to learn remotely for the Fall?

Complete this online form and let us know your plans for the Fall. Deadline for submission is Friday, July 24th.

How do I view my schedule?

Click here for instructions on how to view your course schedule.

Will I receive a confirmation that my request to learn remotely was received? How will my schedule be updated?

Once you submitted your request you are all set. Over the next week we will be setting up remote sections of classes and students who have opted to learn remotely will be enrolled. You will be participating in your classes remotely through Zoom. Check your schedule at the beginning of August and contact your advisor or program director with any questions.

If a student wants to only take classes remote, is that an option and who should the student contact?

Students who are planning on being remote for the Fall should complete this form. Students can also contact their academic advisors or program dean/directors to discuss options and to get help with any questions about their fall schedules.

Will a set schedule for classes be released?

Yes, a set schedule for classes will be fully released by August 1st.

Will there be additional online classes between November and February?

There will be an eight-week accelerated remote winter session from December 7th – January 30th

What does the Spring Academic calendar look like?

The spring semester will begin on February 1, 2021. Spring/Easter break is currently scheduled for March 28-April 5. The spring semester is scheduled to end on May 21, 2021. The date of Commencement is still being finalized.

What happens if you are not able to start classes on August 24th?

Students should contact their academic advisors or program dean/directors with any questions about their fall schedules.


Will games be played for Fall and Winter Sports?

Unfortunately, due to health and safety concerns, Anna Maria College teams will not participate in traditional varsity athletics competition during the fall semester. The athletic department and College remain strongly committed to providing all student-athletes with an athletic experience during the fall semester that will include athletic activities, strength and conditioning, and additional team-based activities within NCAA, state, federal and college health guidelines for all Anna Maria fall, winter and spring athletes.

Student-athletes will be able to take part in athletic-related activities relevant to College and Commonwealth guidelines, as well as those outlined in the NCAA Core Principles of Resocialization of Collegiate Sport. The athletic department is working on the athletic related plans for the fall and will be providing updates in the coming weeks.

Decisions involving the start of winter intercollegiate athletic practice and competitions will be made at an appropriate time and will be informed by an evaluation of the state of the COVID-19 pandemic in conjunction with the GNAC, NCAA and the college.

When is move-in for athletes?

Student-athletes that are permitted to stay on campus will arrive the week of August 17, 2020. Anna Maria College Residence Life will be sending more information about the phased move-in process.

Will fall sports have the opportunity to compete at a different time during the year?

Anna Maria College and the athletic department are working with the NCAA, GNAC and ECFC to allow fall semester student-athletes to compete in the spring if health and safety guidelines permit competition. No decision has been made at this time regarding an alternative playing season for fall competition and there is currently no timetable for this decision. The athletic department will provide more information as it becomes available.

Campus Ministry

The Campus Ministry Office

The Campus Ministry Office will be open remotely and providing spiritual guidance and support through virtual programming and content for the remainder of the semester. Please check our Instagram and Facebook pages as well as your email for regular updates. If you are looking for spiritual support during this time, please email Melissa LaNeve at mlaneve@annamaria.edu or Fr. David Cotter at dcotter@annamaria.edu, or call (508) 849-3205.

Health & Safety

What happens if a student tests positive but is not in a private room?

Students with a positive test will be moved to an isolation space, currently planned to be located in Madonna Lower Level.

What happens if there is an outbreak on campus?

Different scenarios are being developed which could include a mass quarantine or a switch to remote learning.

Will students be required to be tested prior to move-in?

A decision on this has not been made based on availability of “on-demand” testing in different communities. Either way, on-campus testing will begin with move-in.

What happens if I test positive?

If you test positive you will be notified by email from the Broad Institute (the testing company), contacted by Anna Maria College Health Services, move to an isolation space, and contact tracing protocols will begin.

When will testing begin?

The testing process will begin at move-in.

How does the testing process work?

Members of the Anna Maria College Community will pick up a swab package, they will self-swab the tip of the nasal cavity, the completed test will be deposited at “kiosk” twice a week on scheduled days. You should expect to see the results of your test within 24 hours. There is no charge for testing.

Residence Life

When are move-in dates?

Move-in dates are currently set for August 20th – 23rd by appointment only.  The Office of Residence Life will be scheduling move-in times based on building and floor in order to spread everyone out during each move-in period.

Are students still going to have roommates?

Yes, we are limiting room capacity to no more than two people per room.

Will masks be required in bathrooms?

Yes, masks will be required within bathrooms unless you are taking a shower or brushing your teeth.

Are shared kitchens going to be open?

No. For the start of the semester, shared kitchen spaces will be closed.

Will parents be able to assist with move-in?

Yes, parents will be allowed to assist with move-in with a limit of 2 helpers/student.

Can students visit other students’ rooms?

Yes, students will be able to visit other student rooms as long as they adhere to restrictions based on room occupancies.

Will we have our same roommates we picked in the Spring?

You will most likely have the same roommate you picked in the Spring unless one is a fall athlete and the other is not, that is still being determined.

If students test positive, how will quarantine work?

Students who test positive will be brought to an isolation space where they can quarantine.  Arrangements will be made for meals to be delivered to the isolation areas.

Student Life

Will common areas be open?

Larger common areas will be open with couches removed and additional furniture spaced out.

What will be the consequences for students who do not wear masks or follow protocols?

For those who do not follow the proper protocols there will be fines and potential ban from campus for repeat offenders.

Will extracurricular activities take place (clubs, chorus, theater, etc?)

Yes, extracurricular activities will take place, but not in the traditional ways. We will be working to provide students with activities with safety as our main objective.

Because there is no on-campus orientation how will incoming students be oriented to campus life?

Orientation has been ongoing via a virtual orientation. During move-in weekend we will have staggered smaller group meetings to assist in orienting students. Other orientation topics and materials will be distributed to peer mentors and AMC100 faculty to be discussed in First year Seminar meetings.

Are students allowed to have a protest on campus?

Any student gathering will need to follow group protocols including spacing, masks, and size limits.

Technical Support

Information Technology Department

During this difficult time, the Information Technology department is trying to be as responsive as possible. In order to help streamline communications, when you have a question, need help, or otherwise need to contact IT, please contact ITSupport@annamaria.edu.