Mission & Values

As a Catholic institution inspired by the ideals of the Sisters of St. Anne, Anna Maria College’s mission is to educate our students to become individuals who will transform their world as ethical leaders and community-oriented professionals.


  • Faith & Reason – Drawing upon the Catholic intellectual tradition, our academic environment provides students an education that honors faith and reason as unified sources of wisdom in the search for truth and meaning.
  • Liberal Arts – The College prepares students to adapt to future challenges with creativity and innovation, by integrating a liberal arts education with personal development and professional achievement.
  • Service to the Community – In line with the values of our foundresses, the College stimulates within our students a sense of responsibility and dedication to the community.
  • Justice & Peace – Acknowledging our place within the world, the College emboldens our students to identify injustices and to contribute peaceful solutions to those injustices.
  • Development of the Whole Person – A balanced education, curricular and co-curricular, aims to inspire holistic personal growth in our students as lifelong learners.
  • Cultivation of Personal Moral Responsibility – We expect our students to develop as ethically responsible human beings, through serious reflection and active engagement.
  • Diversity & Inclusion – We welcome all, regardless of background, and encourage critical thought and ideas in the pursuit of truth.

Anna Maria College encourages a lifestyle capable of sustaining these values in balance.

Charisms of Esther Blondin

  • To provide a faith-based education in co-educational settings.
  • To educate the whole person.