Academic Policies & Procedures

In fulfilling our mission as a Catholic College, Anna Maria College offers a curriculum that integrates our Catholic character with our commitment to liberal and professional education. The General Education Curriculum at Anna Maria College was developed to provide all students with an educational experience that prepares them to be informed and active members of society. As a liberal arts college rooted in the Catholic tradition, Anna Maria College is committed to providing an education that fosters critical and integrated thinking, scholarly and personal exploration of religious faith and the meaning of human existence, and an appreciation for the diversity of human cultures and societies.

A complete listing of Academic Policies can be found in the Anna Maria College Catalog in the case of conflicting information between this document and the College Catalog, the information in the Catalog supersedes.

Academic Integrity Policy

For information on our Academic Integrity policy, click here.

Appealing Grades

A student, who believes that he or she has been unfairly graded in a course or deserves an adjustment in his or her academic status, may appeal. This appeal must occur within four weeks of assignment of the grade. A student must confer with the instructor about the grade prior to the appeal. If the student still feels that he or she has been graded unfairly, the student should appeal to the Program Director, then to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, who may ask the Graduate Council for a recommendation. The decision of the Vice President for Academic Affairs is final. Only decisions resulting in academic dismissal may be appealed to the President.

Degree Credit

Students seeking a graduate degree may register for two courses before making a formal application but no subsequent courses will be applied to the degree if the student has not matriculated.

Special Students – Those not seeking a degree are welcome to take an unlimited number of courses. After earning six credits, however, they must obtain permission from the Program Director to register for other courses. These courses may not count toward a degree.  

Class Attendance

Students are expected to attend class and take examinations regularly. It is the responsibility of the instructor to explain his or her attendance policy to students at the beginning of the semester. A student who is excessively absent accepts the risk of forfeiting the portion of the grade that derives from class attendance and participation.

Class Cancellation Announcements

For Official Delay and Closing information, please refer to the following:

  1. Text and Email Notifications sent directly to you
  2. Anna Maria College website, there will be a notice in the banner at the top of
  3. Official Anna Maria Social Media sites
    1. Twitter: @goannamaria
    2. Instagram: goannamaria
    3. Anna Maria College Facebook Page

If for some reason you need to change your contact info to be sure you receive any and all contacts please refer to the following:

  1. Log into using your username and password:
  2. Once Logged in, go to the Settings and Tools Menu and choose AMC Information
  3. You will be shown the contact information we have on file for you. To change the contact information Click on the link at the bottom of that page:
  4. You will be brought to a pre-populated form where you can update the necessary information.Once completed click on Update:
  5. You will be sent a confirmation email with the changes you requested. Please allow for 24-48 hours for the information change to take effect.


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Voluntary Withdrawal (Permanent or with Intent to Return)

Full-time and part-time students, who wish to withdraw (permanently or with intent to return) from the College are required to complete official documentation and meet with the Vice President for Student Affairs. Students participating in College or federally funded loan programs must schedule an exit interview with the Director of Financial Aid.

Students withdrawing from the College during any semester or before the final examinations or evaluations will receive no credit.

Non-attendance does not relieve a student of his/her financial obligations nor entitle the student to a refund. The charges on a student’s bill remain his/her obligation unless the student formally withdraws with the Office of Student Affairs. The student will be held responsible for the academically related charges in accordance with a schedule that is posted in the Business Office.

For the purpose of determining an official date of withdrawal from the College that will be used to complete the academic record including the determination of grades of W or F; determine any applicable refunds or charges, determine eligibility for full or partial disbursement of financial aid and all other academic and college business purposes, the following guidelines will apply:

  1. The Official Date of Withdrawal will be considered the first date that the student has notified either the Office of the Registrar or the Vice President for Student Affairs of the student’s intent to withdraw from the College permanently or with intent to return.
  2. If after notifying the appropriate office the student has participated in an academically related activity that can be verified, including but not limited to attending a class, taking an exam or submitting a paper, then the latest date of participation in the academically related activity will be considered the official date of withdrawal.
  3. The completion of the withdrawal form provided by the Vice President for Student Affairs will complete the withdrawal process and will note the effective date as defined above. The student signature on the form will indicate agreement with the determined date.
  4. In the case of a student leaving the College without providing documentation, the Registrar and/or Vice President for Student Affairs will determine the last date of participation in an academically related activity and that date will be considered the official date of withdrawal.
  5. If the last date of participation in an academically related activity cannot be determined, the College may use the midpoint of the semester as the official withdrawal date.

For information regarding the Anna Maria College withdrawal and refund policy, visit our Student Accounts/Billing page.

Academic Warning and Probation

Academic Warning and Probation:

If a student’s semester or cumulative GPA falls below 2.0, the student may be placed on academic warning or probation. At the end of each semester, the Vice President of Academic Affairs reviews all students with a CGPA below 2.0 and places them on academic warning or probation. Any student whose academic record reflects persistent academic deficiencies is also eligible for probation, suspension or dismissal. Please refer to the academic catalog for the official policies on student academic standing. 

As a member of the NCAA Division III, Anna Maria College agrees with the philosophy that student athletes are not treated differently than other students. Students on academic probation with the College are not allowed to compete in athletics. Support programs provided to student athletes are always open to all students and are consistent with other programs offered to all students on campus. 

Credits Attempted                     GQPA                          Decision

1-18                             Between 1.51 – 2.00                  Academic Warning*

1-18                             Between 1.00 – 1.50                  Academic Probation

1-18                             At or Below 1.00                      Academic Suspension

19-59                           Between 1.75 – 2.00                  Academic Probation

19-59                           Below 1.75                               Academic Suspension

60 and over                  Between 1.85 – 2.00                  Academic Probation

60 and over                  Below 1.85                               Academic Suspension 

*A student may be placed on academic warning for only one semester.